Wunderbar Perm Kit 1 (Natural normal hair)

Hair Styling

The Wunderbar Perm kit provides an ideal all-round perming treatment which creates naturally–looking beautiful waves elastic curls and permanent bounce.

The Wunderbar Perm treatment is based on unique Triple Wave Technology™ with almond protein and catonic tenside to protect strengthen and provides elasticity to the hair during treatment to create beautiful natural looking waves and curls full of vitality and bounce.

In addition thanks to the advanced anti static effect hair will be soft light and manageable.

1. Diagnosis: - After diagnosis of the hair and scalp, select the appropriate Wunderbar Perm lotion strength (0, 1 or 2) and application time. 2. Preparation: - Wash the hair with a mild Wunderbar shampoo without massaging the scalp. - Gently blot away excess water with towel from roots to ends. - Choose type of curler (rod), diameter and curling technique according to the desired curl result. - The intensity of the perm depends upon the hair texture, condition and previous treatments. The curl result is determined by the number, size of the curlers/rods and technique used. Hair should be kept moist (not dripping) while winding. - For your additional safety during the application of the Wunderbar Perm lotion, Neutraliser and Post Perm treatment, protective gloves are added in the kit. 3. Application: - Apply the Perm lotion in limited amounts first (to prevent the liquid reaching the scalp). Repeat until the hair on each curler is thoroughly drenched. - Remove any Perm lotion dripping outside the hair perimeter. - Leave-on depending on the diagnosis for 5-25 minutes (check process in between by carefully unwinding individual rod/curler), with or without additional heat. - Final development time is determined by the test rod/curler. 4. Rinsing: On completion of the development time, thoroughly rinse the Perm lotion from the hair for at least 3 minutes with water. 5. Neutralizing: - Apply the ready to use Neutraliser to each curler (with the application sponge). Sufficiently soak the hair but prevent the lotion running. - Leave–on for at least 10 minutes. - Carefully remove the curlers. - Distribute some more Neutralizer through the hair and leave-on for another 5 minutes. - Rinse the hair thoroughly with water. 6. Post Perm Treatment: - After having rinsed the Neutralizer, depending on the hair apply 1 or 2 walnut-sized portions of the Post Perm treatment evenly onto the hair from hairline to ends. - Leave-on for 5 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

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