Kemon Light Fast Hair Lightener 200ml

Hair Colours & Toners

Fast-acting leave-in cosmetic lightening treatment that lets you create streaks and highlights in dry hair after styling.

Used with a flat iron on a low temperature Lunex Light Fast lets you lighten natural or colour-treated hair lifting about 2 levels during styling. You can localise the areas to highlight based on the haircut and style and choose the level of lightening by varying the number of flat iron passes. Lets you choose where and how to create contrasts. It is perfect to quickly bring out features of the haircut create balayage effects and extremely natural-looking highlights or lighten up the look in some areas.

The formula is enriched with bisabolol which brings emollient and soothing properties and keratin hydrolysate which makes hair smooth shiny and brushable.

Preparation: ready-to-use product. It is recommended to wear suitable gloves during all phases of product preparation, handling and application. Pour the necessary amount of product into a colour mixing bowl. The amount varies depending on hair length and the number of sections you wish to lighten. Have the client wear the face shield and dip the Lollipop sponge brush in the product. Remove any excess by pressing the sponge against the edge of the bowl. Over dry hair, run the sponge brush on the chosen hair section; avoid getting the section too wet and touching the skin. Comb the section thoroughly and, using the flat iron, activate the lightening effect with repeated quick passes over the section at a temperature not higher than 170°/190°C. For uniform lightening, glide the iron over the section quickly, at an even speed, and proceed without stopping until the section is completely dry. To achieve more pronounced lightening and if the condition of the hair allows it, apply a second time.

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