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Customized Colours We All Dream Of

What inspired me to create my signature collection? My #hairbesties! This collection features an assortment of pre-blended, completely customized colour designed with ultimate creativity in mind! I wanted to create shades that, not only, enable you to easily recreate the hottest haircolour trends of the season, but also, natural, wearable, salon-sellable looks. I can’t wait to see what you create using #mydentity!


Heat Protection up to 232˚C
#Hairbesties, our clients complain about fashion colours not lasting all the time. And, remember my YouTube video about one of the main reasons –thermal styling! That’s why it was so important for me to include a special ingredient to protect the beautiful colours you create! #Hairbesties, my secret ingredient is Miru-Style X-HP™*. I’m so excited about this – it will protect your clients’ hair from any type of thermal styling – even up to 232˚C!!

Exclusive Keratin & Argan Seed Oil Blend
#Hairbesties, it’s a process to achieve fashion colours, we have to pre-lighten - often to a pale level 10. Let’s face it, our client’s hair goes through a lot! That’s why I incorporated an exclusive Keratin & Argan Seed Oil Blend in our Direct Dyes – to ensure your client’s hair is protected & conditioned. YASSS #Hairbesties! I can’t wait to see what you think of our Vibrant Pastels!

Haircolour with 2x the Shine
Please, we want it to shine like Mariah!! That’s why I added VibraRiche™* technology - sounds fancy, huh? But it gives 2x the shine!!!

My Favorite Lavender Fragrance
#Hairbesties, we want our clients to experience more than just another haircolour service. That's why I added my favourite Lavender Fragrance! You guys, it smells so good. I can’t wait to see what you think!

*versus other major professional haircolour brands; from Croda International Plc




New and improved #MyRefresh Color Depositing Conditioners are now available in 7 of @guy_tang’s signature tones. These are the perfect take home tool to keep your client's hair color looking vibrant for up to 25 shampoos longer! From the most fragile shades to the most pigmented, now clients can maintain their look until their next appointment.

  • Deposits pigment onto the hair while conditioning - the longer the conditioner is left on, the more intense and pigmented the hair will be
  • Can be used for 1-5 minutes to refresh or tone the hair
  • Can be used for 10 minutes on pre-lightened hair for an intense color deposit
  • Infused with Sunflower seed oil, Argan Oil, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil for enhanced softness and shine
  • Color lasts up to 25 washes

#Stroke7 Rose Balayage Lightener


  • A rosè tinted powder that provides up to 7 levels of lift in a single application
  • ElastiShell™ Technology allows for a flexible cast with minimal flaking for an even lift
  • Processes in 35-45 minutes (1:3)
  • Formulated with Guy Tang's favorite lavender fragrance

#Stroke7 Thicc Activator

Balayage Activator


  • Designed for #Stroke7 to create a unique, creamy consistency
  • When mixed with #Stroke7, the product rests on top of each painted section for added natural dimension. For a bolder balayage, press harder for full penetration
  • Formulated with Guy Tang's favorite lavender fragrance

#Naked2U Collection

7 Naked Shades


Naked Glow

  • 2 permanent and 3 demi-permanent shades
  • Ideal balance of cool and warm tones
  • The primary tone is cool gold and the secondary tone is blush beige
  • Great for lowlighting to create the most natural, flesh-like glow

Naked Blush

  • 2 demi-permanent shades
  • Use alone for soft yet impactful blush rosè tones
  • The primary tone is rosè and the secondary tone is beige
  • Can be applied to levels 7-9 and still achieve a rich, blush end result

Permanent Hair Colour


All Permanent hair colour crèmes feature break-through Miru-Style X-HP™ delivering x-treme heat protection – up to 232°C – to radically reduce the damaging effects of thermal styling & advanced VibraRiche™ technology for hair colour with 2x the shine.

#mydentity Permanent Haircolor also provides:

  • Full gray coverage
  • Long lasting results – up to 50 shampoos
  • Pre-blended shades for independent use or inter-mixability allow you to re-create the most demanded haircolor trends
  • 32 shades available

Demi Permanent Hair Colour


All Demi-Permanent haircolor crèmes feature break-through Miru-Style X-HP™ delivering x-treme heat protection – up to 232°C – to radically reduce the damaging effects of thermal styling & advanced VibraRiche™ technology for hair colour with 2x the shine.

Demi-Permanent color crèmes are formulated without ammonia and are truly acid-based (average pH of 6.9).

  • Beautifully closes the cuticle
  • Creates amazing shine – #Hairbesties, THAT SHINE THO!
  • Naturally glazes the hair to glass-like finishes
  • Blends gray beautifully away

Demi Permanent X-PRESS Toners


The #mydentity™ Demi-Permanent X-PRESS Toners are great for quick toning or pre-toning to increase the longevity of any delicate shade (like Rose Gold) in just 5 minutes.

Available in the following shades:

  • NEW Eclipse - For a smokey ash or gunmetal cast on levels 6-7
  • New Sand Storm - For a cool, sand tone for natural or neutral end results on levels 8-10 
  • Titanium (Primary tone: Silver; secondary tone: Iridescent Violet)
  • Misty Mauve (Primary tone: Gray; secondary tone: Violet-Red)
  • Pearl (Primary tone: Gray; secondary tone: Violet)
  • Blush (Primary tone: Beige; secondary tone: Rose)
  • Golden Sand (Primary tone: Gold; secondary tone: Gold)

Super Power™ Direct Dyes

Semi-permanent hair colour


Super Power™ Direct Dyes last up to 50 shampoos and are available in the following shades:

  • Blue Mystique™ - creates a deep royal tone with sapphire reflections
  • Crimson Spell™ - delivers a rich seductive red with ruby reflections
  • Magenta Magic™ - provides shocking romantic pink tones
  • Purple Raven™ - creates a cool indigo tone
  • Green Aurora™ - delivers a rich emerald tone
  • Phoenix Fire™ - delivers a fiery flame red tone
  • Lightning Bolt™ - gives electric vibrancy to the hair when used alone or mixed with other Super Power shades

Super Power™ Pastel Direct Dyes

Semi-permanent hair colour


Super Power™ Pastel Direct Dyes have a Keratin & Argan Seed Oil Blend to improve the integrity of the hair while providing maximum color retention and vibrancy.

Super Power™ Pastel Direct Dyes last up to 25 shampoos and are available in the following shades:

  • Mint of Steel - creates soft, mint tones
  • Lavender Lust - creates a cool, soft lavender tone
  • Pink Diamond - creates a vibrant, yet soft pink tone
  • Cosmic Coral™ - is a more pigmented Naked tone with a sherbet reflection
  • Sheer Power™ - Mix it with any Super Power™ Direct Dye shade to soften or sheer out the color.

Dual Boosters COLOR MAX


You can use Dual Booster COLOR MAX in two ways - for direct application or to customize, boost, correct or neutralize any of your #mydentity formulations.

Available in the following shades:

  • Aqua Blue - great for concealing excess warmth when mixing into your color formulation when battling brass.
  • Love - great for amplifying your Rose Gold tones or adding pink tones into any #mydentity formula.

#Big9 Crème Lightener


  • Lifts up to 9 levels in a single application – NO HEAT REQUIRED
  • Versatile formula for precise and global application techniques
  • Delivers superior conditioning during the lifting process
  • Protective crème base soothes the scalp & reduces sensitivity
  • Moisturizing agents for optimal protection during & after the lifting process

#Magnum8 Powder Lightener


  • Lifts up to 8 levels in a single application 
  • Dust-free, violet powder 
  • Superior conditioning during the lifting process 



All Developers were specially formulated with Guy Tang's favourite fragrance - lavender


  • Demi-permanent 6V developer - for deposit only
  • Permanent 10V developer - Deposit or up to 1 level of lift
  • Permanent 20V developer - 1-2 levels of lift
  • Permanent 30V developer - Up to 3 levels of lift
  • Permanent 40V developer - Up to 4 levels of lift

Available in 473ml and 1000ml

For more information or to place an order call our friendly Club Services Team on

0800 458 4565