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From trend driven colour to award-winning style, Kenra Professional has been creating products at the forefront of innovation since 1960.

Kenra Styling 620X400

So How Did It All Begin?

Following a successful career as the owner of a barber shop, a top performing salesman and National Sales Manager, Henry Meyers found himself at odds with the bureaucratic ivory tower managers who had no idea what was happening in the field. He had done everything else in the barber/beauty industry, so why not start a new company, or better yet, buy one. So in late 1959 aged almost 50, he acquired a small manufacturer in Indianapolis called Kenra® Laboratories, which since the late 40s had tried to make its way into the shampoo business.

Henry knew what it took to make shampoo and to sell shampoo. He loved every aspect of the business and progressively grew his company to be regarded as producing high quality professional products.

The people of Kenra® were his extended family, he relished pay-day when he would personally hand out every cheque, making sure to inquire about everyone’s families, their hurts and their joys.

He remained active in Kenra® until he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2000. On March 6th, 2001 the beauty and barber supply industry lost one of its very best, but we are all better off for Henry Meyers having dared, shared and cared!

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