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The Fine Line Between Science and Nature


Conceived, developed and produced in Italy, Actyva uses over 40 naturally-derived ingredients that work synergistically with the latest developments in cosmetic research to enhance the beauty of hair while maintaining a healthy scalp.



Actyva products feature the following certifications

ICEA Vegan

In the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of Actyva products, no raw material or process aid of animal and/or GMO origin is used.

Green PE

The packaging, bottles and tubes, are made from recyclable Green PE.
This innovative material is not produced from petroleum but from sugarcane, a renewable raw material that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Love Nature

This certification is connected to a specific procedural guideline that Kemon has set upon itself for the protection of the environment and consumer health. In it, there is a long list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in cosmetics but that we have chosen to eliminate from our products because, even if only suspected, they may cause harm to the environment or the health of those who come into contact with them.



  • Customised answer to every hair type
  • Synergy of technological raw materials and natural ingredients
  • Love nature and Icea vegan certified formulas
  • Extremely gentle on scalp and hair
  • Green PE packaging


Products in the Collection


Drawing inspiration from the use of oils in Mediterranean beauty rituals

  •  Bellessere Shampoo - Velvet shampoo and body wash with argan and linseed oils. 250ml 
  • Bellessere Balm - Makes hair significantly easier to detangle and leaves it soft and shiny, without weighing down.
  • Bellessere Night Treatment - Bellessere argan and linseed oils wrap the hair providing nutrition and hydration without weighing itdown thanks to the silicone-free formulation. 125ml 
  • Bellessere Butter* - Excellent to soothe skin redness after exposure to sun, wind or cold; ideal to strengthen weak nails. 30ml 
  • Bellessere Hand Cream* - Velvet hand cream, with argan and sweet almond oils, and linseed, helichrysum, calendula and yoghurt extracts. 50ml 
  • Bellessere Oil - Protects the shaft with an ultra-light film that adds a silky soft feel and provides frizz control without weighing down. 50 ml 

*Not ICEA Vegan certified.

Colore Brillante

Enhance, protect and maintain the intensity and brilliance of hair colour

  • Colore Brillante Shampoo - Protects the colour against oxidation and external aggressors. Hair regains softness, brilliance and a uniform fibre. 250ml 
  • Colore Brillante Mask - Intense protection treatment for colour-treated and sensitised hair. Optimises cohesion of the cuticle scales, protecting the colour against oxidation and external aggressors. Amplifies the brilliance of the colour and helps to maintain it over time. 200ml
  • Colore Brillante Cream - Quick protection treatment for colour-treated and sensitised hair. Polishes the hair surface making it uniform and brilliant. Amplifies the brilliance of the colour and helps to maintain it over time. 150ml 
  • Colore Brillante Spray - Spray that protects the hair from the harmful effects of pollution and external agents.bAdds shine, leaving hair bouncy and delicately scented. 200ml


Tame, soften and control frizzy and unruly hair


  • Disciplina Intensa Prep Shampoo - Cleanses deeply and removes all kinds of residue from the hair, preparing it properly for the subsequent treatment phase.
  • Disciplina Intensa Treatment - Long-lasting, anti-frizz taming treatment for unruly and rebellious hair. Thanks to the peach and almond oils, it has a high antioxidant and protective effect and leaves the cuticles sealed and smooth, with a uniform surface. After the treatment, hair is visibly soft, lustrous and easy to style. Gives easier combability and long-lasting hair control. The results of the treatment last for at least four washes.


  • Disciplina Shampoo - Detangles and makes hair easier to comb. Hydrates and relaxes the hair fibre, leaving hair silky and
  • manageable. 250ml 
  • Disciplina Mask - Detangles fully, easily and instantly. Softens, relaxes and makes the hair fibre uniform, reducing volume and frizz. Leaves hair silky, brilliant and very easy to style. 200ml
  • Disciplina Relax Fluid - Makes your blowout easier, for a perfectly smooth effect from roots to ends. Provides extreme shine and ultrasilky feel. Adds frizz control and long-lasting protection against humidity. 150ml 
  • Disciplina Curly Cream - Perfect for diffuser drying; leaves curls very soft and supple. Makes a wavy blowout easier, giving tone and support. Adds frizz control and long-lasting protection against humidity. 150ml


Restore aged, weakened or damaged hair

  • Nuova Fibra Shampoo - Reconstructing shampoo enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC). Helps to repair brittle and damaged hair while it cleanses, restoring the hair’s strength and beauty and leaving it soft and compact. 250ml 
  • Nuova Fibra Mask - Reconstructing mask enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC). Makes detangling easier, provides softness and protects brittle hair from physical, mechanical and chemical damage. Application after application, hair is visibly healthier, stronger and thicker. 200ml RRP 
  • Nuova Fibra Cream - Leave-in reconstructing treatment enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC). Optimises the reconstruction effect of the Nuova Fibra system, leaving the hair instantly silky and soft from mid-shafts to ends and making it easy to detangle during drying. 150ml 


Customised nutrition for dry hair

  • Nutrizione Shampoo - Provides optimal cleansing while respecting the scalp’s natural balance. Hydrates and protects hair. Provides shine, softness and lightness. 250ml 
  • Nutrizione Cond - Restores the right level of nutrition to slightly dry or sensitised mid-shafts. Makes hair easier to comb and leaves it soft and lustrous, without weighing down. 150ml
  • Nutrizione Ricca Shampoo – Gently cleanses and respects the scalp’s natural balance. Nourishes and protects hair. Makes hair soft, lustrous and easy to comb. 250ml 
  • Nutrizione Ricca Mask - Provides the right level of nutrition to very dry or sensitised mid-shafts. Leaves hair significantly easier to detangle, making it manageable and combable. Provides lustre, absolute softness and volume control. 200ml 
  • Nutrizione Istantanea Cream - Provides targeted and instant nourishment to the most sensitised parts of the mid-shafts. Makes hair
  • easier to detangle and comb during drying. Adds softness, shine and long-lasting anti-dryness protection. 150ml 



Prevent hair loss and keep hair healthy; counteract the harmful effects of free radicals

  • P Factor Shampoo - Cleanses deeply but gently, providing a delightfully fresh and clean sensation. Used regularly, helps regulate sebaceous secretion and stimulate scalp vitality. Leaves hair soft and bouncy. 250ml 
  • P Factor Scalp - Regenerating treatment, the ideal preparation prior to treatment with P Factor Lotion. Contains sweet almond oil, extracts of calendula, thyme, and aloe vera; bisabolol (chamomile essential oil); vitamins E, PP, B6 and H; provitamin B5 and menthol. Hydrates, soothes and revitalises the scalp. Provides a delightful sensation of freshness and makes the mid-shafts easy to detangle, leaving them silky and lustrous. 150ml 
  • Women’s P Factor Intensive Lotion - Designed for targeted treatment of female hair loss, enriched with plant stem cells derived from grapes. 12 x 6ml 

Efficacy test results*:

• thicker hair in 63% of cases

• average increase in hair density +20.6%

• improvement in the degree of alopecia in 52% of cases

• well tolerated 79% of cases

• first visible results after three months.

* The test was conducted on a sample of 20 women between the ages of 22 and 69 affected by mild to severe androgenetic alopecia. The product was applied by the volunteers every day for a total of 6 months.

  • Men’s P Factor Intensive Lotion - Designed for targeted treatment of male hair loss. 12 x 6ml 

Efficacy test results*:

• thicker hair in 80% of cases

• average increase in hair density +12.1%

• improvement in the degree of alopecia in 10% of cases.

* The test was conducted on a sample of 20 men between the ages of 22 and 60 affected by mild to severe androgenetic alopecia (placebo-controlled). The product was applied by the volunteers every day for a total of 6 months.


Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp

  • Purezza Shampoo - Anti-dandruff shampoo. Cleanses effectively and helps to remove impurities. Lightly exfoliates and purifies the scalp thanks to the presence of rice bran microbeads. Used regularly, contributes to preventing the reappearance of dandruff. Extracts of black pepper, horsetail, green tea, mint, lemon balm and horse chestnut; Velian Complex; essences of cypress, lavender and myrtle. 250ml 
  • Equilibrio Shampoo - Greasy scalp shampoo. Cleanses deeply, removing excess sebum from the scalp and hair. The formulation is enhanced with perlite, a mineral of volcanic origin that can effectively absorb excess sebum. Used regularly, helps restore the balance of the acid mantle and remove all build-up from the midshafts, leaving them bouncy. Extracts of lotus flower, dog rose, fig, French rose and aloe vera; Velian Complex; essence of lemon; perlite. 250ml 
  • Benessere Shampoo - Sensitive scalp shampoo. The formulation is infused with plant-based extracts and essential oils that soothe and decongest the scalp. Cleanses very gently, giving a sensation of relief and well-being. Its mildness makes it particularly suitable for frequent use. Velian Complex and extracts of chamomile, cornflower, wild lime tree, calendula and St. John’s wort; essences of bergamot, lavender, lemon and geranium.


Give body, density and volume to fine and delicate hair

  • Volume e Corposità Shampoo - Body-building and volumising shampoo. Silicone-free. Cleanses gently and respects the scalp’s natural balance. Ultra-light, gel-effect texture with an abundance of ingredients that make the hair easier to detangle. Leaves hair soft, full of body and bouncy, from roots to ends. 250ml 
  • Volume e Corposità Cond - Body-building and volumising conditioner. Silicone-free. Treatment for fine hair with a fluid and ultra-light texture. Makes detangling easier and, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients to create volume and body, makes hair light and full leaving it soft and bouncy. 150ml 
  • Volume e Corposità Spray - Body-building and volumising spray. Silicone- and alcohol-free. Thanks to a high concentration of naturally derived body-building and volumising active ingredients, makes it easier to create volume during styling, giving the midshafts more body. Makes hair detangling easier and provides a light styling effect with natural hold and a full, thick feel to the touch. 150ml

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