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Green Roots. Green Future.

 Here at JPMS™, we know beauty. For 40 years, we’ve recognized it in the products we make, the people we serve and the planet we strive to protect. Sustainability has always been a priority for our founders. Today, we are committed to making our company operations cleaner and greener to preserve the beauty of the world around us. Decreasing our use of virgin plastic. Reducing our carbon footprint. Ethical sourcing. And so much more.

Our Sustainable Vision


Pioneer in cruelty-free hair care since 1980


Founded off-the-grid, solar-powered Awapuhi Farm in Hawaii


Established partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance


Started tree planting and reforestation efforts


Sea Shepherd named a vessel after John Paul in honour of his long-time support


Launch of Sustainability Pledge and Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty in the UK in May 2021

End of 2022

Plant one million trees with Reforest’Action

End of 2023

10 of our 12 product lines will be 100% vegan

End of 2025

Paul Mitchell® and Tea Tree packaging will be made with post-consumer
recycled plastic

Reduce Virgin Plastic


No plastic retail bags

By switching from plastic retail bags to partially recycled paper, we have eliminated 13.3. tons of plastic production annually. What’s more, in the UK we donate 7p from the sale of each paper retail bag to charity.


Bio-Based Packaging

Our New, eco-friendly hair care line launching in the UK in May 2021, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty, is proudly made with bio- plastic packaging that is 90% derived from sustainability harvested Brazilian sugarcane and is 100% recyclable*.

*Excluding pumps


Less Plastic In Caps

Launching in the UK in May 2021, our Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty products feature a low-profile cap that uses 46% less plastic* than a standard lid. We will transition all applicable Paul Mitchell® bottles to this innovative low-profile cap, further reducing the amount of plastic used.

*compared to the standard Paul Mitchell® cap.


PCR Packaging

JPMS™ are committed to transitioning our packaging (bottles, tubes and jars) to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, starting with Tea Tree and Paul Mitchell® product lines by 2025. This will reduce our use of virgin, petroleum-based plastic by an estimated 773 metric tons annually.

By switching to plastic with an average of 75% PCR content, we are incorporating the maximum amount of PCR possible without compromising package quality. Reusing existing plastic instead of creating new will have significant environmental benefits for the planet:
• Reducing fossil fuel use by 41%, the equivalent of 7810 barrels of oil.
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1162 metric tons of CO2 , the equivalent of 249 cars off the road for a year.
• Reducing water use by 156 million gallons- enough to fill 236 Olympic-sized swimming pools


No Single Use Plastic

Our amenity program in Marriott hotels in the USA is changing from single use products to a multi-use format, with an estimated saving of 75.2 tons of virgin plastic by 2025. JPMS™ will phase out all single dose plastic product packaging by 2025.

Reduce Carbon Footprint


Carbon Neutral Shoots

Through our partnership with CO2 Cycle, JPMS™ photo shoots are carbon neutral, With 16 production days in 2019, we are able to:
• Divert 80% of trash generated on set to recycling or green waste (composting)
• Offset 39.8 tons of CO2 created during production (travel, hotel stays, shipping of equipment) via carbon offsets. That’s the equivalent of taking 8 cars off the road a year.
• Save 1,383 plastic water bottles by using bottle-less water service
• Use more than 18 Kilowatts of solar energy produced on set for light electricity needs, like phone and computer charging.


Solar Powered Global Distribution HQ

Solar panels on our Global distribution headquarters in California provide nearly 90% of the energy needed to run the building during working hours, keeping 337 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually. This equates to keeping 74 cars off the road for a year, or decreasing the miles driven by 835,700 miles annually.


Clean Energy Manufacturing

Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty products launching in the UK in May 2021 are manufactured with 100% certified clean energy from renewable sources produced by hydroelectric power plants. Clean energy helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gasses.


Carbon Offset corporate Travel

We’re committed to offsetting carbon emissions from all JPMS™ corporate travel (Flights, Hotel, Mileage) through our partnership with Terrapass ensuring all JPMS™ business travel is carbon neutral.


Hybrid Fleet Vehicles

We’re switching all USA based JPMS™ fleet vehicles to hybrid, reducing CO2 emissions an average of 113 metric tons annually, saving the emissions from 12,715 gallons of gas (48,131 litres)*.


Tree Planting Program

Continuing our partnership with Reforest'Action, Tea Tree has made a commitment to plant one million trees by the end of 2022 in places where reforestation is needed the most. One million trees will remove 150,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere during their lifetime.

One mature tree over its lifetime:
• Offsets 150kg CO2
• Creates 3 animal habitats
• Generates 4 months of oxygen
• Creates 1 hour of work for a local farmer

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing


Pioneer In Cruelty-Free Products

In 1980, we became the first professional beauty company to publicly stand up against animal testing. Now, 40 years later, that pledge to our furry friends remains a driving force in all that we do.


Awaphui Farm

In 1983 our co-founders established a self-sustaining, solar-powered, organic awaphui farm in Hawaii- all of the awaphui used in our products is still harvested here today.


Tea Tree Oil

We use only 100% pure Australian tea tree oil, sourced from Australian farms that are certified for their ethical sourcing and harvesting practices. This can be found in our best-selling Tea Tree line.


Palm Oil

In an effort to reduce the negative effects of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities, we are actively switching to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Mass Balance palm oil wherever possible.


100% Eco Paper

We’re taking a complete eco approach to paper sourcing. Nearly all of our paper (Cardboard boxes, promotional packaging, office paper and paper supplies) is FSC- certified (harvested responsibly) and/or made from recycled materials, or is tree-free. Our goal is to use 100% responsibly sourced paper by 2021.


Vegan Products

In addition to being globally cruelty-free, most of our care, colour and styling products are vegan. We are committed to making 10 of our 12 product lines 100% vegan by 2023.

Minimize Waste to Landfill


Reduce Salon Waste

In the USA, JPMS™ works with Green Circle Salons, an organisation that provides sustainable waste management by sending daily byproducts like hair colour, used foils and hair clippings for eco-friendly recycling, re-purposing and responsible disposal. Partnering with Green Circle Salons can prevent up to 95% of salon beauty waste from ending up in a landfill.

In the UK we are proud to partner with Green Salon Collective who currently recycle and recover hair, foil and aluminium, colour and bleach, PPE, plastics and paper cups.


Return Tool Recycling Program

In the USA we’re proud to partner with Homeboy Industries, a 501c3 non-profit, to responsibly recycle 100% of hair tools returned to JPMS™, keeping 5.6 tons of old hair tools out of landfills each year. The recycling process provides jobs to men and women who work at Homeboy Electronics Recycling, an R2 Certified social enterprise committed to employing men and women who face systematic barriers due to previous gang involvement or incarceration.

In the UK we are proud to partner with Green Salon Collective, who will soon be collecting electrical tools to recycle.


Recycled Aluminium Tubes

All Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color Tubes are made with up to 45% recycled aluminium and are 100% recyclable. Aluminium is an indefinitely recyclable material that takes up to 95% less energy* to recycle than to produce new aluminium.

In the UK we are proud to partner with Green Salon Collective who collect and recycle all used aluminium from salons including colour tubes and dirty foil.


Less Print & Packaging

We’re making an overall effort to decrease printed materials by switching to digital documents and eliminating packaging inserts. This is keeping approximately 170 tons of paper from being manufactured, saving 4,080 trees.

For more information or to place an order call our friendly Club Services Team on

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