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Products in the Paul Mitchell® Collection


Light. Bright. Healthy. Repairs and strengthens fragile blonde and lightened hair.


Forever Blonde® Shampoo
Gently cleanses lightened and highlighted blonde hair while helping to repair damage and seal the cuticle. Powered by exclusive KerActive protein and safflower oleosomes.

Forever Blonde® Conditioner
Deeply hydrates and detangles lightened and highlighted blonde hair. KerActive and safflower oleosomes help smooth and repair.

Forever Blonde® Dramatic Repair
Smoothes, strengthens and replenishes depleted blonde hair. Loaded with KerActive protein, safflower oleosomes and macadamia nut oil to help penetrate, repair and moisturize weakened hair.

Platinum Blonde® Shampoo
Banishes brassiness, softens strands, and adds shine in natural and color-treated blondes. Violet-tinted, color-enhancing formula brings out the best in blonde, white and silver hair.

Platinum Blonde® Conditioner
Hydrates and helps cool brassy tones in blonde, white and silver hair. Violet-tinted, colour-enhancing formula eliminates warmth, softens strands and adds shine.

Platinum Blonde®Toning Spray
Helps to neutralise yellow tones in blonde, highlighted, gray or white hair. It has shimmery, violet-tinted pigments to help cool brassy tones in natural blonde and color-treated hair while conditioning ingredients and extracts hydrate hair and intensify shine.

Platinum Plus ®Purple Shampoo
Powerful weekly toning for medium to dark blondes or highlighted blondes. This deep purple shampoo instantly tones and corrects yellow, brassy tones and brightens highlights

Platinum Plus® Toning Drops
Instantly tone blonde, highlighted, gray or silver hair with customizable toning drops powered by concentrated purple pigments. Cool warmth and banish brass.


Fresh. Deep. Clean. Deeply cleanses hair from the inside out.


Shampoo Two®
Color-safe formula deeply cleanses oily hair and scalp, leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body. Wheat-derived conditioners boost body and shine.

Shampoo Three®
Removes dulling buildup from hair, strengthens strands and minimizes future buildup. Deep cleansers remove chlorine, iron and minerals.



Protected. Healthy. Conditioned. Protects and maintains color-treated hair.


Color Protect® Shampoo
Cleanses color-treated hair while it moisturizes, strengthens and boosts shine. Sunflower extract provides intense UV protection, while conditioning agents and extracts hydrate and add shine.

Color Protect® Conditioner
Detangles and smoothes color-treated hair, so locks look and feel soft and hydrated. Sunflower extract protects hair from sun damage, while conditioning extracts moisturize and boost shine.

Color Protect® Treatment 
Repairs, conditions and hydrates color-treated hair, and helps prevent damage and split ends. Sunflower extract shields hair from the sun, while conditioning extracts leave locks hydrated and shiny.

Color Protect® Locking Spray
Makes hair look conditioned and super shiny while it locks in and extends the life of hair color. Sunflower extract provides sun protection and keeps color from fading, while conditioning extracts add moisture and shine.


Define. Fight frizz. Detangle. Hydrates and defines for beautiful curls.


Spring Loaded® Frizz-Fighting Shampoo
Rich lather gently cleanses curls without roughing up the cuticle to fight frizz from the start. Mild, soothing blend of sulfate-free surfactants gently cleanses curls.

Spring Loaded® Frizz-Fighting Conditioner
Creamy rinse-out conditioner tackles tangles, de-frizzes and defines curls. Replenishes moisture with jojoba oil and hydrating natural extracts.

Full Circle Leave-in Treatment®
Lightweight conditioning treatment hydrates, detangles, tames frizz and won't weigh hair down. Creamy formula smoothes, detangles and replenishes every curl.

Ultimate Wave®
Forms, separates and adds loads of texture to create sexy, tousled beach waves. Soothing and smoothing mushroom extract fights frizz.

Twirl Around®
Dual formula defines, separates, and tames unruly curls and waves without frizz or crunchiness. Crunch-free fixative leaves curls soft and touchable.


Lush. Full. Bouncy. Gives fine hair a weightless boost.


Extra-Body Shampoo
Gently cleanses and volumizes fine to normal hair. Panthenol boosts body and helps repair damage, while wheat-derived ingredients help protect and leave hair silky smooth.

Extra-Body Conditioner
Detangles and adds volume to fine hair, leaving locks full of body, bounce and shine. Panthenol boosts body and helps repair damage, while wheat-derived ingredients help prevent damage and leave hair silky smooth.

Extra-Body Boost
Gives fine hair a boost of volume at the roots. Panthenol protects fragile strands and adds volume.

Extra-Body Sculpting Gel® 
Pumps up the volume and provides flexible hold for fine hair, creating brush-through body without stickiness or flaking. Flexible, thickening and body-building ingredients create fullness and manageability.

Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® 
Creates lightweight body and volume for fine hair, adding flexible control, amplifying shine and locking in moisture. Conditioning formula provides extra body, fullness and control, while super-emollient ingredients leave hair manageable and shiny.

Thicken Up®  
Makes thin strands look and feel thicker without a heavy product feel while adding shine, definition and soft memory. Thickening conditioners and clean styling agents create body and definition, while strengthening ingredients and UV protection help protect fine hair.

Extra-Body Finishing Spray®  
Secures hard-to-hold hair, fights frizz, boosts volume and adds shine. Panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein build body and provide a bodifying boost, so hair looks and feels thicker.

Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray®  
Provides all-day hold and maximum volume with high shine, fullness and texture. Thickening ingredients grip every strand for enhanced volume and texture.


Finished. Defined. Hold. Creates bold looks with a strong, long-lasting hold.


Super Clean Sculpting Gel® 
Provides maximum control for hard-to-hold styles and delivers high shine and bold texture. Firm-holding styling ingredients lock in any look.

Dry Wax™ 
Defines and controls any texture and creates clean, "lived in" looks. Emollient waxes and softening agents create pliable styles.

Freeze And Shine Super Spray® 
Provides powerful hold and memory, and creates a shiny finish. Firm-holding styling ingredients lock in your look.

Super Clean Extra® 
Provides firm hold, boosts body and adds shine. Firm-hold stylers and conditioning ingredients add fullness and shine.

Delivers maximum thickness and bold texture, and dries fast for quick and easy styling. Firm styling ingredients are ideal for extreme styles.

Stay Strong® 

Strong-hold spray offers the ultimate style support while remaining workable. Humidity-resistant ingredients help fight frizz and flyaways. Weightless, ultra-dry formula provides maximum control  and volume.


Workable. Versatile. Texture. Creates versatile looks with medium hold.



Creates bendable texture with flexible hold and can shape multiple styles—use it to spike, twist, bend, separate or define. Infused with beeswax for pliability.

Super Sculpt™ 
Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory while adding body and maximizing shine. Conditioning, bodifying agents and panthenol add volume and memory.

Hair Sculpting Lotion™ 
Delivers medium-hold, long-lasting memory and reactivates with heat or water for quick and easy restyling. Styling and bodifying agents, combined with panthenol, add texture and memory. Wheat-derived conditioners control static.

Creates clean, moveable texture and allows for easy restyling. Wheat-derived conditioners create pliable texture.

Spray Wax™ 
Creates bendable texture and delivers a satin finish. Non-oily wax and sunflower seed oil create a satin finish; flexible beeswax adds pliability.

Wax Works® 
Creates bold texture and definition, and makes hair super shiny. Flexible resins and vegetable-based conditioners define and add texture.

Sculpting Foam™ 
Enhances texture with long-lasting memory that controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. Styling and bodifying agents, combined with panthenol, provide touchable hold. Emollient conditioners smooth the surface of the hair.

Fast Drying Sculpting Spray™ 
Adds body, flexible control and shine for any finished style. Flexible styling agents quickly reactivate with heat or water.

Super Clean Spray®  
Adds fullness, texture and flexible hold; dries fast with clean, run-your-fingers-through-it results. Flexible stylers and conditioning agents add body and shine.

Hold Me Tight™

Secures any style with a strong, longlasting hold and dries fast without stiffness or build-up. Powerful, yet flexible, polymers provide strong hold. Vegetable-derived conditioners and shine enhancers impart high shine and  minimize static. 

Round Trip® 

Conditions and protects textured tresses whilst adding weightless bounce and detail to curls and waves. Styling agents derived from cornstarch add weightless detail. Panthenol and magnesium sulfate condition, protect and strengthen curls. 

Hot Off The Press® 

Protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling. Boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold. Rice hull extract builds a lightweight barrier between hair and heat styling tools, while wheat proteins deliver an extra dose of strength. 


Gentle. Soothing. Soft. Gently cleanses and detangles sensitive strands.


Baby Don't Cry® Shampoo
Gently cleanses and soothes hair and scalp. Mild cleansers and a neutral pH create a tearless formula. A unique blend of extracts helps to hydrate and prevent moisture loss, while chamomile and cornflower extract calm and soothe.

Taming Spray® 
Easily detangles dry or damp hair. Leaves hair fresh and full of body.

Instant Moisture®

Hydrated. Revived. Replenished. Hydrates and refreshes thirsty, brittle hair.


Instant Moisture® Shampoo 
Color-safe formula cleanses, hydrates thirsty hair, plumps up skinny strands and helps repair damage. Instant Moisture Complex provides superior conditioning and UV protection, while panthenol adds body and helps repair damage from the inside out.

Instant Moisture® Conditioner
Hydrates and detangles moisture-starved strands, making hair shiny and manageable. Soy proteins, shea butter and Instant Moisture Complex moisturize, strengthen and add elasticity. Panthenol builds body and repairs damage from the inside out.

Super-Charged Treatment
Delivers an intense dose of moisture for dehydrated hair while boosting shine and improving elasticity. Panthenol, soy proteins and vitamin E provide hydration and protection.

Awapuhi Moisture Mist® 
Deeply hydrates thirsty hair and revives dry, tired skin. Lactic acid and Hawaiian awapuhi provide deep moisture and enhanced shine. Spirulina and plankton extracts rich in amino acids and vitamins make hair soft, hydrated and silky smooth, while sodium PCA balances moisture.


Classic. Conditioned. Balanced. Cleanses and conditions any hair type or texture.


Shampoo One®  
Gently cleanses, improves manageability, adds deep shine and enhances hair's appearance. Panthenol and wheat-derived conditioners improve the surface texture and manageability.

Awapuhi Shampoo® 
Thoroughly cleanses any hair type, including color-treated hair. Helps balance moisture and add volume. Hawaiian awapuhi helps prevent moisture loss. Special conditioners help improve hair texture.

The Conditioner™ 
Smoothes hair, reduces static, prevents dryness and gets weary strands back in shape. Hawaiian awapuhi helps balance moisture, while wheat-derived conditioners improve hair texture.

The Detangler®  
Detangles and conditions medium to coarse hair as it smoothes, softens and prevents moisture loss. Grape seed oil provides instant conditioning, detangling and shine. Carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, acts as a natural UV absorber.



Smooth. Silky. Shiny. Smooths and softens coarse or textured hair.


Super Skinny® Shampoo 
Color-safe formula cleanses and smoothes hair, making rebellious locks softer and more manageable. Super Skinny Complex and mild surfactants cleanse hair without stripping or plumping.

Super Skinny® Conditioner
Smoothes and softens strands while helping to repair and prevent damage. Heat-activated conditioners and thermal protectants help repair hair and prevent surface damage.

Super Skinny® Serum 
Smoothes, conditions and seals strands, leaving hair silky, shiny and frizz-free in any weather. Lightweight silicones smooth, condition and seal hair with added shine.

Super Skinny® Relaxing Balm™ 
Leaves even the most rebellious locks shiny and manageable. Super Skinny Complex displaces water and constricts hair to speed up drying and styling, while humidity-resistant styling agents provide memory in any weather.

Gloss Drops® 
Fights frizz, resists humidity and creates brilliant shine, leaving hair soft and silky. Lightweight silicones smooth hair's surface.

Straight Works®  
Provides the perfect balance of slip and hold to transform textured hair and maximize softness, manageability and shine. Lightweight humectants and conditioners leave hair soft and manageable.


Clean. Touchable. Shine. Creates clean and natural looks with a light hold.


Soft Sculpting Spray Gel®
Boosts body and provides flexible control, creating a soft, natural-looking finish. Emollient conditioners and styling agents provide a natural finish.

Foaming Pommade® 
Provides light control for wavy, curly or unruly hair, creating head-turning shine and reflection. Premium white oils and natural extracts smooth the surface and turn up the shine.

Soft Spray®  
Secures strands with a natural, touchable finish and an easy-to-brush-through hold. Soft, flexible styling agents provide memory and hold.

The Cream®  
Provides light hold and builds body for any hair type; moisturizes, strengthens and protects hair from everyday damage. Moisturizing, emollient conditioners and panthenol hydrate and safeguard hair.

 Dry Wash®

Dry formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a  clean scent. Ultra-fine, colourless formula leaves no residue; ideal for all hair types  and colours. 

 Fast Form®

Soothes, tames and secures any texture with long-lasting hold; creates great detail and helps reduce drying time. Shea butter, evening primrose, avocado and jojoba oils boost shine and manageability.

Quick Slip™

Provides flexible hold, adds definition, conditions and helps  protect hair. Softening conditioners and UV protection leave hair looking  and feeling healthy. 

Bond RX



Super Strong®

Strong. Resilient. Healthy. Strengthens and rebuilds worn-down, damaged hair.


Super Strong® Shampoo
Mild, color-safe surfactants gently cleanse and repair damaged strands, enhancing hair's look and feel. Super Strong Complex rebuilds hair from within, while conditioning agents improve texture and add shine.

Super Strong® Conditioner
Color-safe formula repairs and protects worn-down locks, leaving hair soft, smooth and moisturized. Super Strong Complex rebuilds the internal structure of hair, while canola, soybean and cornstarch soften and smooth.

Super Strong® Liquid Treatment 
Repairs hair from the inside out and helps seal split ends for smooth, healthy-looking results. Super Strong Complex, marine extracts and vegetable proteins replace lost minerals, and proteins replenish every strand.

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