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Love Your Look

Neon Family 620X400

Hi, we're Neon®. We believe that every girl is unique and style should be fun! Our colour-safe, sugar-infused hair care products make it easy to create any look you can dream up.

Bonus: When you use Neon®, you're helping to support anti-bullying organisations, such as The Diana Award and Stand Up To Bullying. Kindness is our mission. Together let's create a world where everyone can be themselves and shine.

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Products in the Neon® Collection


Wash + Prep

Obsessed with… clean! This total clean freak has a one-track mind: leaving hair fresh and ready for anything (without killing your color).

Sweet side… A little sugar goes a long way for your best hair day ever.

Workaholic… Keeps going all day long to keep hair fresh, not greasy. Now that’s BFF material.


Detangle + Hydrate

Got your back… The sidekick that helps you out of any jam, from tangled tresses to frazzled frizzies.

Fine hair, don’t care… It’s so lightweight that it’ll never steal your bounce.

Gimme sugar… A daily dose leaves hair ultra-shiny and super soft. How sweet is that?


Texture + Body

Always amped… This body-booster’s ready with a pick-me-up whenever you need it.

Total softie… Gives your hair texture and definition without making it stiff or crunchy.

Makes waves—and plays it straight…Enjoy lush body, no matter how you style


Piecey + Beachy

Effortlessly cool… Your free-spirited pal with the model-off-duty vibe.

Piece out… When you want surfer-girl waves, this piecey, beachy cream takes you there in an instant.

Text(ure) me… Scrunch it in for looks that won’t fall flat.


Sleek + Sculpted

Has it together... This smooth operator keeps strands from straying so your look stays sleek.

Absolutely brilliant… It’s moisture-rich to give your hair plenty of shine.

A little bit twisted… Amazing for braids, twists and knots.


Hold + Control

Totally in control… Has what it takes to keep up-dos up and every hair in place.

Work it… Flexible hold lets you style, spray, and style some more.

Seal the deal… A few final spritzes will keep your style going strong.


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