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Grow a stronger Business

Successful Business Coaching for Salons

DO YOU WANT your salon to GROW in this competitive economy?

DO YOU  WANT  to recruit and retain the RIGHT TEAM ?

DO YOU  WANT  your salon to EARN MORE MONEY ?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then we can help. That is what we exist for. Our expert coaches have been helping hairdressers to solve the challenges within their businesses since 1982. 

Simply put, 3∙6∙5 is subscription based salon business coaching. Our goal is to provide you with powerful results-focused salon business education for your whole team.

As a part of the Salon Success family, we are passionate about the professional hairdressing industry, from products and tools to leading industry education, we know our stuff.
Our programme guides you through eight Business Builders, (each a two-day course), with ever-evolving content. The aim of the programme is to support you with the right tools to tackle key challenges that businesses like yours often face on the high street, steering you towards a stronger, more profitable future.
The Business Builders are delivered by our 3·6·5 team and expert business coaches; many of whom have faced these challenges first-hand and overcome them within their own teams. Our knowledgeable team can help you measure the reality of how your business is performing and coach you on how you can drive it forward.
3·6·5 is a membership club with personality; it’s not all about learning, although that’s a key part of it, it’s also about meeting like-minded people who face similar trials in their businesses but who know that dealing with them is perfectly possible.

3·6·5 Member Testimonials

Kelly Cowie, Sivara Hair Consultants

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Victoria Palfreeman & Ken West for the first BB1 over zoom!
Myself & my business partner have had our salon for nearly 14 years and the last few years have lost our passion for it! We knew we had to do something to get that back! So we had our first introduction to 365 back in Feb and loved it! So signed up.
Now having just don’t the first BB1 it’s giving me motivation & passion to improve the salon and move it forward."

Jane Attew, Pruners Hair & Beauty

"3·6·5 have always been a fantastic help growing our business and full of advice to support us. but especially right now with Covid -19 going on. Always good to see Ken’s friendly face and hear his sensible advice whilst the world is going nuts."

Sindy Hely, Hely's

"Thank you so much to Ken West and Victoria Palfreeman for a great two days on BB1. We at HELY's have been a member of 365 for many years, and yes things do get forgotten. so it's been good to revisit the BB's again and get the motivation & energy going again.
Nothing beats personal interaction. And BB1 is good fun, I remember doing step4 to Music.. so if you haven't done BB1 before person to person, when we can it's a must!!
Though for me living in Glasgow the two days were perfect being able to do them from my living room, with the cats. Looking forward to BB2."


3∙6∙5 is spearheaded by Ken West, a 3∙6∙5 member since 1989. As an industry expert, Ken has a monthly column in Creative HEAD, is a regular speaker at Salon Smart and has shared his knowledge across a breadth of industry events and in salons, in both the UK and the USA. Ken’s passion is to raise standards within the industry to ensure hairdressing is an appealing career choice for potential future professionals.


Our aim at 3•6•5 is to support salons both large and small and near and far.
With this in mind the 3•6•5 education program is broken down into a series of Education Units. Each unit has been assigned to a ‘Business Builder’ course and also to a Key area of Business Focus. This unitised format allows us to deliver our education to suit the needs of our members and their teams. It also allows us to deliver our education either digitally or in traditional classroom format. Classroom Format education will be delivered at The Future Centre, our purpose built education facility in Aylesbury. All members are allocated a number of education units as part of their membership subscription.

3·6·5 Membership Options

3·6·5 Membership is available in three different types: Core Membership, Graduate Membership and Bespoke Membership.

Core membership

£149 per month plus vat. Includes: - 12 Education Units per year. We would expect a Core Member to take approximately 2 years to complete the core Business Builder programme and to therefore use 24 Education Units in total. (Extra additional Education Units are available to purchase if required, for use by the member or their team, at £50 plus vat. per unit.)

Graduate membership

£149 per month plus vat. Includes: - 12 Education Units per year. This Business Builder programme has been broken down into a series of Education Units. Graduate members can choose to cherry pick individual units, topics, or focus on a particular area of their business. They may wish to revisit specific topics, or share units with their team members. The Education Units can also be used to access Portfolio Education. Additional Education Units are available to purchase at £50 plus vat. per unit.

Bespoke membership

£99 plus vat. per month plus £1,000 per day, plus travel expenses, plus vat. (Minimum commitment of three days per year). A limited number of personalised coaching days will be available per year. Education will be delivered by a relevant member of our 3•6•5 coaching team. Bespoke members will also benefit from all web and office based support available to other membership types. In addition, each day will be personally tailored to either their business needs or the needs of their teams. Bespoke members will also be able to buy extra Education Units for themselves or their team.



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