XP200 Natural Flair Mocca Permanent Hair Colour 100ml

Colours and Toners

XP Brown is a versatile hair colour which is fairly exciting despite its restrained nature. The play with brown shades is subtle and often apparent only upon closer look. This may be one of the greatest characteristics of this hair colour through being both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

The XP200 Natural Flair Mocca shades are perfect for creating the trendy bronde look (a blend of brunette and blonde). The shades deliver rich radiant colour with different tones and shades. Due to their slight ash reflex they create browns that are never too red or warm. XP200 Natural Flair is a gentle ultra-cosmetic permanent hair colouring cream featuring plant extracts to respect the hair and create gorgeous natural colour results. Its gentle formula is created using natural extract from palm seed and coconut to protect against damage and guarantee shade stability whilst creating the most natural translucent colour effects. The range includes over 60 natural and reflex shades; including coppers ashes reds and golds all containing micro colour pigments for better penetration and longer lasting colour.

The Super lightener series is enriched with vitamin C for optimal condition when lifting up to 4.5 levels. With up to 100% Grey coverage XP200 features sequestering agents to protect the hair from daily pollution and deliver improved shade performance. XP200 is the perfect choice for you and your clients seeking permanent results.

Administer a patch test 48hrs prior to any colour service Wear suitable gloves Do not colour hair if the scalp has any abrasions present Perform a strand test to preview colour results Do not allow the colour to come into contact with the eyes Do not use very hot water For more information, please read the XP brand book

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