Paul Mitchell Color XG Permanent Hair Colour Intensifier 90ml

Colours and Toners

Trusted performance brilliant results. Developed in Italy by top colour experts Color XG vegan cream hair color offers the perfect fusion of coverage reliability and shine for the results you want every time.

Formulated with the unique DyeSmart® System Color XG ensures maximum colour penetration resulting in greater longevity and brilliant vibrancy. A soothing blend of cottonseed oil and rice milk leaves hair shiny and healthy for colour that’s always predictable always beautiful. The objective of the color XG™ Intensifier shades is to “intensify” formulations by mixing them with other shades providing great creativity to the colourist.

When you mix the Intensifiers with other the color XG™ shades the additional tone/pigment from the shade helps to deliver the balanced and uniform background colour while the Intensifier adds the neutralizing tone or vibrancy tone depending on the shade selected and desired result.

Prior to adding Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer: As a general use guideline, for each 1 oz. or 30 ml/g of selected shade, add the amount of Intensifier specified below: <br><br> Depth 8+: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 1/4" or a pea size amount. <br> Depth 7: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 2.75" or 4g/ml <br> Depth 6: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 3.75" or 5g/ml <br> Depth 5: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 4" or 6g/ml <br> Depth 4: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 4.5" or 7g/ml <br> Depth 3: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 5.25" or 8 g/ml <br> Depth 2: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 6" or 9 g/ml <br> Depth 1: 1 oz. or 30 g/ml + 6" or 9 g/ml <br><br> For very strong or vibrant results, add up to 30% of the formula to neutralize extreme tonality and up to 50% for vibrant intensity. When using Intensifiers on levels 9-12, expect extremely vivid results.<br> Mix 1 part of Color XG® to 1 part of 10-40 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer (1:1 ratio). Mix Ultra Toners with 10 volume.

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