3rd Generation 24*7 Hair Foil Machine


The new 24*7 machine from Procare is the easiest and most reliable way to prepare your foils.

Simply choose your foil and fold preference from the keypad select the number of foils to prepare (from 1 - 50) and press the start button.

The 24*7 then produces perfectly trimmed and folded foils to your specification quickly quietly and without fuss.

Plug the machine in to an electrical socket. Open the top lid of the machine by lifting the release catch and pulling lid up. Ensure that the safety catch is engaded holding the lid in the fully open position. Insert the foil into locators inside the body of the machine - Small side of the core in small locator in the machine, large side into large locator. Foil will feed forward. Pull foil forward to ensure foil is pulled taught and crease free. Approximately 5 cm's of foil must overhang from the machine lip so the sensor is covered. Close the lid. Press On/ Off button and adjust the options with ''+'' and ''-'' buttons on the keypad on top of the machine: fold, foil length, foil quantity, relevant light on the control panel will illuminate. Fit correct foil collection tray by inserting the rear locator of the tray into the slot on the front of the machine. Press ''Start'' to produce foil and stop-reset to stop or reset the settings.

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