Kemon Lunex Restore Plex for Bleaching 500ml

Colours and Toners

Adding Lunex Restore to the bleaching mixture helps to protect and maintain the hair fibre compact during bleaching.

Tests done at the Kemon research and development laboratories have shown that a bleaching service done with Lunex Restore makes the hair stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Lunex Restore does not affect the lightening power or processing time of the bleach with which it is mixed.

Dosing: unscrew the cap from the Lunex Restore bottle and screw the measuring device with assembled dip tube unto it. Make sure it is tightly fitted to the neck of the bottle. Squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing device with the needed amount of Lunex Restore. Follow the indications provided in the following table to calculate the right amount of Lunex Restore based on the type of bleach used: 5 ml of Lunex restore every 20 g of powder bleach, 5 ml of Lunex restore every 40 gr of Paste Bleach. Preparation: thoroughly mix the bleach and oxidising agent together into a homogeneous, smooth cream. Lift the cap of the dosing device and pour the dose of product on the previously mixed bleach, then blend with a fine-point brush until creamy smooth. Proceed to apply. NB: The needed amount of Lunex Restore is calculated based on the amount of bleach, not the amount of mixture. Processing time: Lunex Restore does not affect the processing time of the bleach with which it is mixed. Follow the directions of the bleach used to achieve the desired level of lightening.

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