Kemon Clay Powder Bleach 400g

Hair Colours & Toners

Powder bleach for freehand techniques with a white clay base that makes the texture creamy and even thus allowing excellent adherence to hair.

Enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC) a complex of naturally occurring molecules that rebuild the disulfide bonds within the hair and help to protect and maintain the hair fibre compact during bleaching. Doesn’t swell and doesn’t drip. Allows the degree of lightening to be regulated based on the quantity of bleach and the developer volumes used.

Provides up to 6 levels of lightening.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: wear suitable disposable gloves. Open the pouch carefully and measure out the amount of powder with the measuring scoop provided. Mix the powder with 10-, 20-, 30- or 40-volume Uni.Color Oxi developer in the indicated proportions until creamy smooth. MIXING: mix one scoop of Lunex Clay Powder (equal to 15 g) with 15-30 ml of Uni.Color Oxi. Measure the amount of Uni.Color Oxi depending on the desired texture of the mixture. CHOOSING UNI.COLOR OXI VOLUMES: the choice of developer volumes varies according to the desired result. The higher the volumes, the faster the lightening process. MAXIMUM PROCESSING TIME: 60 minutes. The lightening action is progressive and lasts until the mixture dries. RINSING: rinse the hair with warm water until the water runs clear.

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