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Colour with Confidence


This summer we’re bringing you exclusive complimentary digital colour education delivered by our Sales Technical Education Consultants through the power of Webex! We’ve broken down our core education programme, Colour with Confidence, into 4 bite sized digital education sessions. 
Our first sessions sold out, BUT don’t worry if you missed out, you can watch a recording of it below: 

Colour with Confidence: COLORXG® Part 1

Date: 14th June 2021
The perfect starting point for getting to grips with our permanent colour brand offering from Paul Mitchell, ColorXG®.Our technical education team will take you through:

  • The features & benefits of the ColorXG® permanent hair colour portfolio

  • Technical insight in to each of the tonal families

  • Using the colour wheel

  • How to formulate for simply brilliant colour results each and every time

  • Q&A with our technical team  

Plus, we’ll show you how to tackle resistant grey hair with our latest launch, ColorXG® Coversmart. For your chance to re-watch Colour with confidence: Color XG® Part 1, Email the team to receive your password

Colour with Confidence: COLOR XG® Part 2

Date: 28th June 2021
Leading on from part 1, delve further into the world of Color XG® and learn;

  • How to utilise Intensifiers, Clear Booster & Ultra-toners

  • Creating blondes with Color XG® Highlifts

  • Re-pigmentation for those tricky colour correction challenges!

  • Formulation tips & tricks from your technical education team

  • Q&A with our technical team

For your chance to re-watch Colour with confidence: Color XG® Part 2, Email the team to receive your password

Colour with Confidence: The Demi v Crema XG Part 3

Date: 12th July 2021
Did you know Paul Mitchell® now offers two demi-permanent colourants? Both offering beautiful ammonia-free colouring with the perfect shine & condition. But when should you use each one? What is the difference? Join us for this session to learn all about our demi-permanent colours. Our technical education team will take you through:

  • Key features & benefits for The Demi & Crema XG

  • Differences between both demi-permanent colourants

  • Formulating and identifying the perfect hair type and colour service for each range

  • How to successfully work with both ranges in the salon

  • Q&A with our technical team

Colour with Confidence: Blonding and direct dyes part 4

Date: 26th July 2021
Time: 1 Hour Session: 10:00am-11:00am & 4:00pm-5:00pm
We know blonding is big business in the salon. Let us take you through the Paul Mitchell® Blonding Portfolio and help you to offer unique, personalised blondes for your guests. We will also showcase Pop XG® & Inkworks; sharing tips and tricks for working with direct dyes in the salon. Our technical education team will take you through:

  • Product knowledge on the Paul Mitchell® Blonding portfolio

  • Recommending the perfect Take Home products for your blonde guests

  • When and how to perform a Colour Balance

  • Technical insight into working with our direct dyes and Pop XG® Reducer

  • Olaplex® product knowledge

  • Q&A with our technical team

“Stylist Session with Victoria” for all 365 member stylists

A little boost of energy and next level thinking, be the best version of you in the salon.

What is a Stylist Session ?
An hour of coaching at the same time each week made for stylists to help boost their day. Focusing on salon systems, current topics and money making ideas. All done via WebEx and the link will be the same so you can dip in and out.

1 – Consultations:  Kapow your consultation power, dive in depth to the reason why we deliver the ultimate consultations, an hour of tips and tricks, guaranteed to make you the salon superstar – think you deliver a great consultation, this session will take you to the next level.

2 – Power-booking: Manage your column like a pro, learn how the smallest daily changes can impact your wages and overall salon performance. Make the most of every opportunity and make your column work for you – after all, who wants to earn more money?!

3 – Upselling: The guest is your opportunity to increase your income, let's raise that average bill! Know your services and know your products, promote and suggest extra services with confidence, you never know… your guest may say yes!

3 x a week. 45-60 mins via WebEx

Tuesdays @ 11.30am
Wednesdays @ 1.30pm
Thursdays @ 10.30am

To register your interest, either DM us on Facebook or Instagram or