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Colour World TV 2020 - Tune in to colour!

What an incredible 2 days of filming and live streaming the latest trends in hair colour and our industry! Colour World TV has been a ground-breaking project, broadcasting non-stop for 2 days, bringing the hairdressing community back together -in a new, safe way! And you know what? It’s far from over! You can now catch up with anything you missed or rewatch what you loved!

Discover the colourful world of Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color, Kemon and #mydentitydesigned especially for colourists – whatever your age and stage you can come together to share the joy of colour.


Colour World TV offers multi-channels, each streaming live broadcasting that will make every colourist’s heart beat that little bit faster!

Tune back in to watch and re-watch our channels of entertainment and education.

The access to Colour World TV is given by personal access code sent whenever and individual purchases a ticket. They can then choose whether to watch on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. It’s a bespoke experience that echoes the values of the Colour World brand.

Amania Shawn for #mydentity at Colour World 2020

This video was created by #mydentifier and #hairbestie Amania Shawn exclusively for Colour World TV 2020

Kemon for Colour World TV 2020

Kemon Artistic Director Mauro Galzignato created this especially for Colour World TV 2020.

Learn more about the brands at the show:

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