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Mydentity Lightening & Toning Masterclass

Dive into the MyDentity brand and get inspired by the endless colour possibilities whilst mastering lightening & toning techniques
  • In-depth technical education on how and when to use each lightening product from the Mydentity range
  • Understand how the underlying pigment dictates your colour choice and formula
  • Practical session with a mannequin head covering Guy Tangs Signature lightening techniques
  • How to integrate Olaplex into all of your lightening services
  • Insight into the X-Press toners, Naked, Naked2U & Shadow Ash Collections

FORMAT: Theory & Hands-on Mannequin Head supplied

DATES AND LOCATION: Tuesday 3rd March

VENUE: Salon Services, Salford Manchester

SCHEDULE: 10am to 4pm

To book your places please call our friendly Club Services team on 0845 659 0011