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Grow a stronger Business

Successful Business Coaching for Salons

DO YOU WANT your salon to GROW in this competitive economy?

DO YOU  WANT  to recruit and retain the RIGHT TEAM ?

DO YOU  WANT  your salon to EARN MORE MONEY ?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then we can help. That is what we exist for. Our expert coaches have been helping hairdressers to solve the challenges within their businesses since 1982. 

Simply put, 3∙6∙5 is subscription based salon business coaching. Our goal is to provide you with powerful results-focused salon business education for your whole team.

As a part of the Salon Success family, we are passionate about the professional hairdressing industry, from products and tools to leading industry education, we know our stuff.
Our programme guides you through eight Business Builders, (each a two-day course), with ever-evolving content. The aim of the programme is to support you with the right tools to tackle key challenges that businesses like yours often face on the high street, steering you towards a stronger, more profitable future.
The Business Builders are delivered by our 3·6·5 team and expert business coaches; many of whom have faced these challenges first-hand and overcome them within their own teams. Our knowledgeable team can help you measure the reality of how your business is performing and coach you on how you can drive it forward.
3·6·5 is a membership club with personality; it’s not all about learning, although that’s a key part of it, it’s also about meeting like-minded people who face similar trials in their businesses but who know that dealing with them is perfectly possible.

Ken West, Director of 3·6·5 Salon Education

3∙6∙5 is spearheaded by Ken West, a 3∙6∙5 member since 1989. As an industry expert, Ken has a monthly column in Creative HEAD, is a regular speaker at Salon Smart and has shared his knowledge across a breadth of industry events and in salons, in both the UK and the USA. Ken’s passion is to raise standards within the industry to ensure hairdressing is an appealing career choice for potential future professionals.

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As a member of 3∙6∙5, you will work through the core Business Builder salon coaching programme, over the course of two years.

Forming the framework of your business; the eight Business Builders arm you with all the essential information you need to drive your salon towards success.

Following this core programme you can choose to revisit elements that you feel you may need help with as well as exploring our specialist courses and exclusive team days. On top of this you will gain access to our annual inspirational Business Boutique. You can also choose to join us on the annual Symposium; a fun-filled two-day conference created to inspire and motivate members for the coming months.

Salon Management Masterclass

Want to find out more?

Come along to a Salon Management Masterclass which we host every month excluding April, August, and December. 

INVESTMENT £99.00 +vat - Special Price Available for existing Salon Success customers


  • WHY discounting can be harmful to your business
  • WHEN to raise your prices
  • HOW to understand exactly  how and when your salon makes money 
  • HOW to increase profit.




3·6·5 Membership Benefits

If you join our club, what do you get for your investment?

As a member of 3·6·5, you are allocated education days that you can use to journey through your core programme, or eight Business Builders. These eight Business Builders, or BBs as we call them, form the framework of your business. We also host networking events and numerous specialist courses so that you can learn more about a desired area of focus e.g. Future Professionals, Manager Challenge and Reservations and Beyond, to name but a few.
As well as our regular courses, 3·6·5 also host two inspiring events over the year to allow our members to come together, be inspired and get motivated for the months ahead. These are designed to be timely and focus on relevant subjects that could impact the future of your business.

Contact the 3·6·5 team

To find out more about 3·6·5 and to discover how we can help you to build a stronger business, get in touch with our friendly team on 0845 659 0015 or