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Artistic Director Noogie Thai Talks Neuro®

Artistic Director Noogie Thai Talks Neuro®

This year, we're introducing two NEW products to the Neuro® Liquid collection – Neuro® Reshape and Neuro® Restore. Noogie Thai tells us how he uses them.

We know you love layering Prime and Reshape. Why do these two complement each other?

I love layering Neuro® products for the best styling support. Neuro® Prime and Neuro® Reshape are the perfect marriage of prep, protect and memory. Prime gives me the sleek and silky finish that I want while Reshape gives me the style memory that I need, all while protecting the hair from heat for the perfect style.

Who are the ideal clients for Neuro® Reshape?

Neuro® Reshape is perfect for all clients that heat style their hair. From blow-drying to iron work, Reshape will help these clients repair, protect and style their hair. Reshape will protect the hair while giving great style memory to any curl or wave.

Neuro® Reshape HeatCTRL® Memory Styler is a heat-activated cream that lets you style and then style again when using heat tools with no additional product application needed.

Neuro® Restore HeatCTRL® Overnight Repair is a reparative mask that helps hair recover overnight from the stresses of heat styling. Just apply one to three pumps of this leave-in conditioner on clean, damp hair at bedtime and wake up to restored hair, no need to rinse in the morning.

Click here to find out more about our Neuro® products, or please call our team on 0845 659 0011 to order.

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