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Live Beautifully with Paul Mitchell®

Live Beautifully with Paul Mitchell®

This September, we're celebrating the core values behind the Paul Mitchell® brand. More and more consumers want to know not only what goes into a product, but how it is made and the brand behind it. We want guests and stylists to feel good about choosing and using Paul Mitchell®.

Nearly 40 years ago, John Paul DeJoria and Paul  Mitchell started John Paul Mitchell Systems® with just $700,  wanting to provide affordable luxury haircare while supporting their fellow hairdressers. They built the company with values that were unheard of at the time...

 No Animal Testing 215x 161

John Paul Mitchell Systems® was the first professional haircare company to take a stand against animal testing. This commitment has been at the core of Paul Systems® since it began in 1980. All products are researched, formulated and tested on humans.

Vegan Logo 187x 142

Finding great vegan products can be challenging. That's why we've made it easier for you to choose from the wide selection of vegan products - from permanent colour products like the color XG®, to our demi-permanent The Demi and balayage favourites like Skylight®.

CFOP 200x 187

John Paul Mitchell Systems®  has a long history of giving back, partnering with numerous charities dedicated to animal rights, sustainability, the environment, and much more. By choosing Paul Mitchell®, you're supporting a company that's helping to change the world, one good deed at a time.

Paper Bag 400px

We're switching from plastic to paper!

From November 2019, we'll be switching our plastic Paul Mitchell® Take Home bags to FSC certified brown paper bags. What's more, we'll be donating 5p from the sale of every bag to a chosen charity.



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