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Our favourite hair looks from NYFW and LFW SS2020

Our favourite hair looks from NYFW and LFW SS2020

International session stylist Brendan O'Sullivan has worked on commercial and editorial projects across the fashion, beauty and music all over the world. Last month, Brendan and his team created runway looks for NYFW and LFW using UNITE® products.

Here are some of our favourite looks straight from the runway and how you can recreate them yourself.

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1. A sleek high ponytail

One of the key looks was a high ponytail with a Chinese staircase braid featured in the AC House show.

To achieve this Brendan and the UNITE team started by prepping the roots of hair with UNITE's Expanda™ Volume and Smooth&Shine™ styling cream for control.

Hair was taken into a super high, sleek ponytail ready to create the Chinese braid. To create the Chinese braid, take a small piece the hair of the hair and wrap around to cover band. Take another small piece of hair, wrap it around the ponytail trying into a loop knot. Repeat around 8 times to achieve this stunning look.

Next, the team used straightening irons to perfect the ponytail and finished by gently backcombing the Chinese braid to add texture.

Brendan O'Sullivan NYFW LFW Rock Chic Beachy Look

2. Rock chic beach vibe

Brendan spritzed down the hair with water and prepped with UNITE's Beach Day™ texturizing spray thoughout. This was followed with diffuse drying to retain the natural texture of the hair.

Large tongs were used to create a loose wave in the hair, pulling out each curl before the hair set too tightly. Texturiza™ Spray was sprayed throughout to give a matte, beachy feel. The look was finished with a light spray of GO365 Hairspray™ to achieve a flexible hold.

Brendan O'Sullivan NYFW LFW 1940s Glory Roll

3. Modern 1940s glory roll

Brendan and the UNTE® team started by prepping the hair with UNTE® 's BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray throughout the hair. Next, the hair was blow-dried with cold air to create volume and texture.

They then sectioned the hair from the crown to the front temple and pulled the hair forward. UNTE® 's SESSION-MAX extra-strong hairspray was applied and dried into the hair to stiffen whilst keeping it pliable.

Finally, this front section was rolled into a modern take of a 1940's glory roll, offset on an angle finishing the amazing look.

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