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Guy Tang's NEW Shadow Ash Collection

Guy Tang's NEW Shadow Ash Collection

Not all salon guests want fun creative colours and not all want to be blonde... that's where Guy Tang's NEW Shadow Ash collection fits in.

Guy developed this collection for salon guests who desire cooler, smoky brunette tones and also need unwanted brassy tones neutralised.

The Shadow Ash Collection introduces two new shade families to the #mydentity colour line – Shadow Ash and Wicked Shadow:

Mydentity Shadow Ash Collection Wicked Shadow Shades 700x

Wicked Shadow: 1 demi-permanent and 3 permanent green-gray shades to combat unwanted red.

Mydentity Shadow Ash Collection Shadow Ash Shades 700x

Shadow Ash: 1 demi-permanent and 5 permanent gray-blue shades to combat unwanted orange.

 To get your #Mydentity™ colours and lighteners, please call our team on  0845 659 0011.


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