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Curl Talk with Texture Specialist LaDonna Dryer

Curl Talk with Texture Specialist LaDonna Dryer

LaDonna Dryer, Texture Specialist for John Paul Mitchell Systems®, gives us her favourite tips using the NEW Tea Tree Lavender Mint collection for curly and natural hair.

Lavender Mint Moisturizing Cowash is a new product to the Tea Tree brand. When would you choose to use a cowash versus a regular shampoo?

It doesn’t have to be either/or. A cowash is a wonderful asset to use in addition to the other Tea Tree shampoos. Using both can make a complete
shampoo regimen. The cowash gives you conditioning and hydrating elements with a very gentle cleanse to your scalp in between the deep hair cleanses of your regular Tea Tree shampoo. If a client deep cleanses with Lavender Mint, Tea Tree Special or Lemon Sage weekly, the cowash can be partnered in between to gently cleanse the scalp and nourish dry, coarse or textured hair for easier management.

We’ve been talking a lot about the LOC method. What does this
refer to?

L is for leave-in conditioner that is liquid-based and provides the moisture (for example, Lavender Mint Leave-In Conditioner). O is for oil, which locks in moisture (like Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil). C is for cream, which
helps seal in moisture (like Lavender Mint Taming Cream).

The LOC method helps curls that struggle to retain moisture. What makes the method unique is the order in which it is applied. It is a layering technique as opposed to a cocktail. There is no one-size-fits-all amount that you put in for each product. It is customizable to fit the thirst levels and weight desired on the hair. I think our general excitement comes from knowing that we can get all three products needed to accomplish this on any level from the Tea Tree Lavender Mint collection!

What are your favourite Lavender Mint product cocktails to control
and define curls?

Right now, I’m all into the Lavender Mint Defining Gel. Depending on the moisture levels I want to achieve or the slip I want when executing naturally curly styles, I’ve been mixing it with either the Lavender Mint
Taming Cream or Lavender Mint Moisture Milk. The Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil is also a good cocktail ingredient to add hydration and shine to any product.

When you’re doing twists, Bantu knots and protective styles, what
one product is a must-have?

That’s a tough one… Mostly that depends on the textures I’m working with when creating protective styles. But I would say, if I had to choose one consistent must-have, it would be the Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil. Because the hair is usually ‘protected’ for a length of time, the oil ensures that the hair will still feel amazingly hydrated, but not weighted, when they get ready to switch to a new style. The texture of the hair will dictate how much oil I use and how I use it – as a treatment, as part of the blowdry,
or as an aid to finishing for protective styles.

What Take Home products do you recommend for your weekly guests?

It makes weekly guests feel good to have an oil in their wardrobe, so without a doubt the Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil. For those weekly guests that embrace ‘wash and wears’ (wearing their hair in its naturally curly form), there’s an opportunity to recommend every one of the new products in the Lavender Mint collection. Although not a new product, I also recommend the Conditioning Leave-In Spray. 

Coming January 2020: The NEW Lavender Mint collection has 7 products to bring curls back to life.

To order the new Lavender Mint collection, or to find out more, please call our team on 0845 659 0011.

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