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How to maintain blonde hair with BLONDA™ Toning System

How to maintain blonde hair with BLONDA™ Toning System

Say goodbye to brassy blonde hair with the BLONDA™ Toning System from UNITE®. This collection is specially formulated to tone, condition and repair your salon guests hair, making blonde tones and highlights lighter, brighter and beautifully brilliant. 

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The ultraviolet formula of the BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo neutralizes brassy tones, making blonde tones and highlights brighter in just one minute. And the best part is it lasts through several shampoos, especially if you pair it with the BLONDA™ Daily Shampoo.

BLONDA™ Daily Shampoo is great for everyday use. It gently cleanses the hair and keeps blonde tones bright on no-tone days.

The vitamin-enriched BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner is formulated to moisturize and maintain blonde hair every day – on both tone AND no-tone days.

This deeply reparative, ultraviolet treatment not only strengthens and repairs, it also tones and brightens hair, all in one formula. BLONDA™ Fix will make blonde hair look and feel healthier, brighter and stronger, in just one use.

Show salon guests the benefits of BLONDA™ Fix PRO, a powerful professional-grade hair strengthening complex that fortifies and repairs damaged hair. It helps to repair and prevent cuticle lift by adding in hydration and forming a protective layer.

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Log in to the pro site for more information and special offers on BLONDA™ Toning System or call our club services team on 0845 659 0011.

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