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Seven Balayage Tips From Dom Seeley

7 Balayage Tips From Dom Seeley

Celebrity hairstylist Dom Seeley shares his top tips to create a natural, sunkissed balayage using Kenra Color® Simply Blonde Clay Lightener.

1. Get the ratio right
When using clay lightener, it is important to get the formula right. Dom prefers the formula's consistency to be similar to custard or yoghurt - mixing 30g of clay lightener with 35g of developer. "Start on the thicker side because it's easier to add more developer."

2. You can achieve lift easily with clay lightener
One question Dom is always asked is, how does he get so much lift and the hair so blonde with a clay lightener. The answer? Some stylists prefer the formula to be runny so they can paint it on the hair, Dom prefers the formula to be thicker so it can coat the hair more effectively. "The more product on [the hair], the more insulation it has. So the more insulation it has, the higher lift you will get."

3. Keep your developer close
Always keep your 20vol or 30vol developer bottle near you as clay lightener only has a 35 to 40-minute longevity once mixed.

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4. Work in diagonal 'V' sections
Don't part the hair in horizontal sections because it creates harsh lines. Diagonal sections fall and lay better than a horizontal section and you'll get a more diffused line. Additionally, working in a V formation is easier for the stylist. "It's easier to work with and you get quite a lot of hair done in one go. When you're working horizontally, you're working in quite small sections."

5. Saran wrap helps with lift
Saran wrapping the hair will help with the lift, giving you approximately 3-5 levels of lift. Saran wrap is less fiddly than foils and its transparency means you can see the colour developing.

6. Hold your section tight during application
"If your sections aren't taut, you'll push the product through. And you'll get bled spots and patches."

7. When using a bond multiplier, a little goes a long way
Bond multipliers like Olaplex can slow down the processing time. So only add a small amount to your formula, therefore, getting the protection you need without compromising the lift.

Click here to watch Dom's live balayage tutorial from Pro Hair Live 2019.

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