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Create vivid, vibrant hair with Guy Tang's Super Powers

Create vivid, vibrant hair with Guy Tang's Super Powers

Guy Tang's Super Power™ Direct Dyes are longest lasting, most vibrant shades on the market. These 3 looks will appeal to salon guests looking to transform their hair.

Crimson Spell™ – Deep Red Hair Colour

Step 1: Using #Magnum8 Powder Lightener + 30Vol Developer (1:2), balayage the hair and process for 20 - 45 minutes or until a level 9-10 is achieved.

Step 2: On dry hair, glaze the entire head with Super Power™ Direct Dye Crimson Spell™ and process for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and style.

Purple Raven™ with Magenta Magic™

Step 1: Using the backcombing technique, pre-lighten by mixing #Magnum8 Powder Lightener + 40V Developer (1:2)  with #Big9 Crème Lightener + 40V Developer (1:1½). Process the hair for 20 - 45 minutes ir until a level 10 is achieved.

Step 2: On dry hair, apply Super Power™ Direct Dye Purple Raven™ on the rootagé and melt into Super Power™ Direct Dye Magenta Magic™ on mid-lengths to ends.

Step 3:Process for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Phoenix Fire™ with Crimson Spell

Step 1: Using #Magnum8 Powder Lightener + 30Vol Developer (1:2), prelighten the hair to a level 9-10.

Step 2: Apply Super Power™ Direct Dye Phoenix Fire + Super Power Direct Dye Crimson Spell™ at the rootagé.

Step 3: Melt Super Power Direct Dye Phoenix Fire through to the ends and apply Super Power Lightning Bolt™ to the ends.

Step 4: Process for up to 25 minutes. Rinse with cool water.


For more Guy Tang tutorials, go to the Salon Success YouTube channel.

To find out more about Super Power™ Direct Dyes or other #mydentity products, log into the pro site.

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