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California Dreaming Desert Rose Gold Formula

Desert Rose Gold Formula

The new California Dreaming collection from Paul Mitchell took inspiration from the landscape and lifestyle to create three iconic looks: Palm Springs, Big Sur and Malibu.

Mimicking the desert sunset, the Palm Springs hair colour features creamy yellow, lustrous rose gold and flamingo pink.

"The colour is soft, and muted like a desert sunset, while the cut is strong." - Colin Caruso, John Paul Mitchell Systems® Artistic Director of Professional Hair Color


Formula 1: Skylight® 1 scoop + 40 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer 1.5 oz. (45 g/ml)

Formula 2: SynchroLift® + 20 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer


Formula 1: The Demi 7PA (7/81) 1 oz. (30 g/ml) + Paul Mitchell® Processing Liquid 1 oz. (30 g/ml)

Forumla 2:  POP XG™ Pink Flamingo

Formula 3:  POP XG™ Yellow

Formula 4: The Demi Rose Gold 1 oz. (30 g/ml) + Paul Mitchell® Processing Liquid 1 oz. (30 g/ml)

Formula 5: The Demi Lavender 1 oz. (30 g/ml) + Paul Mitchell® Processing Liquid 1 oz. (30 g/ml)

Formula 6: The Demi Silver 1 oz. (30 g/ml) +  Paul Mitchell® Processing Liquid 1 oz. (30 g/ml)

Watch and learn from Colin how to execute the new Palm Springs colour technique:

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