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Neuro Smart Style How To: Get a Side-Swept Hairstyle

Neuro Smart Style How To: Get a Side-Swept Hairstyle

Try a romantic trend that’s universally flattering on all hair types.

• Prep hair with Neuro® Protect
• Use a Neuro® Unclipped Styling Rod to curl four even sections at the top of hair towards your face. Clip sections away
• Curl the remaining vertical sections in the same direction, working around your head. Ensure the sections you are taking are approximately the same density
• One side will be curled away from the face, while the other will be curled towards the face.
PRO TIP: The side that is curled away from the face will be the side that is brushed over to the opposite side
• Once set and cooled, remove clips. Brush through with a nylon-bristle brush. We recommend the MarulaOil Detangling Brush
• Part hair; the side curled towards your face will be front facing
• Finish with Neuro® Finish.

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