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How to dress a window

How to dress a window

Katie Wroe, Visual Merchandising Consultant, shares her top tips for dressing your windows.

I love hearing your feedback on how I can help you maximise your window space; when visiting your salons I have been asking "how do you use your ABC magazine?" many of you say "I copy your examples in ABC magazine to build my window, is that OK?" Yes, this is exactly what you should be doing.

The window displays in ABC magazine are built and designed especially for you, they are a great visual planner to help you build your window displays. We create new themes each season to help you plan your windows throughout the year; look through your ABC magazine to plan your spring events windows.

Ask Club Services about our FREE POP kit so you can build your window displays, to add something extra special to your display use our prop ordering service or source your own props – there are lots of prop ideas and inspiration in the magazine.

I am often asked "where do you start to build a window display?" firstly I would read through ABC magazine as it's full of hints and tips to building winning windows, mark the pages that feature the displays I like the most then take a look at my FREE POP kit and start to visualise what items I will need for my preferred display.

Once you've chosen the window you want to build, follow our step-by-step guide of how to build a successful eye catching window display, these principles will work with all our windows and make building windows easier for you. You will be attracting new guests into your salon in no time!

A good window display will always bring more business into your salon, happy window building!

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How to build your window

Step 1 - clear your display space 

 Buildstart 460X620


Step 2 - position your pop to give you an idea of space

 Build1 460X620


Steps 3 & 4 - after hanging your posters add any air space (hanging) props if you are using them

Build2 460X620Build3 460X620


Step 5 - add in any floor space props like acrylic cubes or columns and your pop floor piece

 Build4 460X620

Step 6 - most importantly, add the product into the display Step outside and check your display. Is everything straight and facing forward? Remember 1,2,3 what do you see?

Abc Spring 2018 Window Fabulous Florals 460X620

To view ABC magazine or for more business building information login to the Pro Site or call our friendly Club Services team on 0845 659 0011

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