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Prepare for seasonal events

Prepare for seasonal events

With 2018 in full swing, prepare yourself for the first opportunity of the year to grab guest’s attention with a seasonal campaign that will also help improve your Take Homesm sales.

If you’ve felt business slow down a little after the festive season, February is a great time to get back on track to re-excite your guests and re-energise your team. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make a splash as it falls after Christmas payday meaning people are ready to spend again, and it has evolved to be a holiday to celebrate all those we love.

Long gone are the days where you’ll see a restaurant full of married couples, there are now girls nights, family nights and just a great opportunity to show your friends you love them as well. And of course, because we love pets, who can forget about the singletons who have date nights in with their fluffy loved ones!


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But whatever takes your guests fancy this year, Valentine’s Day is an occasion where people like to feel their best. It’s usually a special night with a loved one, and who doesn’t want a little pampering to feel fresh and like their hair game is on point?! Perhaps your guests are due their next appointment after Christmas (January is always harsh on the purse!), or just want a fancy up-do or blow-dry for the big date – don’t miss this opportunity to fill your stylists’ column.

Check the latest edition of ABC magazine (scroll down to Publications) for inspiration on how to build eye-catching windows and in-salon displays to remind people of the upcoming holiday and encourage them to book now to avoid disappointment.

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