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Managing your time

Managing your time

KEN'S CLINIC - Managing your salon

"Even though we have a successful business, the nature of working in a salon is very distracting and it can be easy to get side-tracked away from what will make the business more profitable. What do salon managers need to do to get really focused and productive around what matters most?"

Adam Jones, Fowler35


"Hi Adam. This is a great question and, as a former salon owner myself, is one that I totally empathise with. As our business grows into more than just a job, we find ourselves having to spend more time on things we were never trained for.

The whole reason that 3·6·5 exists is to coach salon owners in the business skills that they never learnt during their apprenticeships. There are two questions to regularly ask yourself: ‘Is this the best use of my time?’ and ‘what’s important now?’

When most of us started, we were cutting hair until we dropped to put money in the till and pay the bills. As a salon grows, this should become less and less important until cutting hair becomes what we refer to as a ‘teddy bear’ - something that we don’t really need to do any more but that we love.

I regularly add a slide to presentations entitled, ‘One less haircut’. I then suggest all of the things that could be achieved in the same time.

For example:

• You could carry out one-to-ones with individual team members to review performance and set down your future goals
• You could meet with a targeted company to set up a Business-to-Business programme to grow your client numbers
• You could create a marketing plan for the next year
• You could review your cash flow and profit or loss budgets
• You could learn a new skill.

Each of these has a totally different end goal than that of performing a haircut. Each idea has the potential to grow the results of your business and I believe that this is far more important than putting the value of one haircut into the till.

The main purpose of any salon owner or manager should be to grow the business, and one of the areas that is most overlooked is analysis. Analysis is looking back at what you did, why you did it and what you achieved; without analysis you cannot make informed decisions regarding where you go and what strategies it is wise to use in the future.

You may have become aware in my previous articles that I am not a believer in over-discounting as a strategy to grow a business. When you do an in-depth analysis of the results of discounting, you see that the income generated and the long term client retention of most campaigns makes them counter-productive. Add in the effects on your brand profile and you begin to understand my standpoint. But most people never do the in-depth analysis to make these informed decisions.

The last and most important part of management is self-discipline. Build management tasks into your diary and don’t replace it with ‘teddy bears’. So, back to where we started Adam. Use your time wisely and productively. Delegate and trust others. You only get each minute once."

This article originally appeared in Creative Head, where Ken has a monthly clinic.

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