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Attract male guests into salon and prepare for Father’s Day

Attract male guests into salon and prepare for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and before you know it everyone will be lusting after summer and getting ready to don their t-shirt and shorts and fire up the BBQ. June will come around quickly, so start your planning now to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach new guests and attract them into your salon.

This year Father’s Day also coincides with the World Cup, so make the most of the men in our lives wanting to look fresh and take a leaf out of World Cup star and MITCH® man Geoff Cameron and set them up to win with a MITCH® Father’s Day display.

Planning is key

As with everything, planning is key. It can be hard to juggle different promotions and decide which ones to push, so the key is knowing what works for your salon. Is Father’s Day usually a big hit with your guests? If so, you want to ensure you know when you are starting your promotion and you don’t get carried away with your summer displays and forget (after all, we never know when summer will actually arrive in the UK!).

Top tip: set up a calendar and nominate a window champion to note when key events are happening and when, and which you’ll be promoting in salon. They can then plan when each display will run, and ensure you have something planned for when the promotional period is over.

Utilise your key areas

Windows are the gateways to your salons’ soul, and the first experience a guest will have of your business. Make it enticing and carry on any themes throughout salon. Your window should make an impact but not be too cluttered; think less is more. It needs to be enough to grab attention and want them to pop in the salon to take a closer look. If you want to carry on the theme throughout salon think of the rest of your Salon Economies:

• Reservation Desk – think about having a display on your Reservation Desk in a merchandiser for the special day. Travel sized products are perfect if you are short on space, or the Limited Edition World Champ Style Set is a perfect product for a special event
• Stylist Station – the perfect place to start conversations, ensure there is something at your Stylist Station to prompt guests to ask about MITCH®
• The Wash Housesm – have your Wash Housesm fully stocked with your best sellers but make sure you also update this depending on your promotions. Keep some Double Hitter® and Heavy Hitter® there and task your stylists to use it on every male guest during the promotion
• Take Homesm – this leads on nicely from The Wash Housesm and helps your stylist continue the conversation about what products they used and that they are available for guests to purchase in salon (remember to mention they can’t buy MITCH® elsewhere on the high street!). Use shelf talkers to help the product stand out
• In-Salon Display – this can complement your window display, or if you have something else planned for your window an in-salon display is perfect to create a focus on a particular product or range. You can use existing acrylic cubes and decorations to create a focal point and Father’s Day area in salon

 Mitch World Champ Style Set 500

Limited Edition World Champ Style Set

Top tip: don’t be scared to repeat things in-salon. The rule of thumb is someone needs to see a message seven times before they remember it. If you find you are struggling to be creative in the different areas of your salon, utilise what you have! There’s nothing wrong with using the same props in your window display, Reservation Desk and In-Salon Display.

Know your audiences

We’ve spoken a lot about how to address your male guests in salon, but don’t forget female guests in your salon also have fathers, husbands and boyfriends to buy for as well! Try and think about both when putting together displays, and make sure your stylists are prepared when speaking with guests. Whilst at the Stylist Station many guests will have an informal catch up with their stylist, and this is the perfect opportunity to ask them if they’ve prepared for Father’s Day and if they knew about the new MITCH® set that comes wrapped in a box ready to gift!

Top tip: footballs are a great prop to catch male attention in your displays and ties in nicely with the World Cup, but if your salon typically only has female guests, change it up a bit. Think more about the colours of the MITCH® branding and moving that through your display.

For more information about the MITCH® collection visit the brand overview page.

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