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BIG brands, BIG heart

Serving the Hairdressing Industry for 42 Years

Salon Success; the clue is in our name. We want you to be successful. And by the way we want to help you make more money while making your day more fun, rewarding and profitable. Arguably the friendliest people in the biz, we believe in building relationships and that’s why our Salon Success icon is a representation of a hug (all together now, ahhh).

A little bit of history...

Salon Success was founded in 1979 by industry maverick, Leslie Spears. With a background in retailing and the automotive industry, Leslie had his first insight into the wonderful world of hairdressing in 1974. He discovered that the majority of hairdressers were poorly paid for their work, and while they had the creative skills necessary to be successful, they lacked the business skills to be sustainable.

Leslie decided to apply his business know how to the hairdressing industry and 3·6·5 Salon Education was born at his kitchen table. After holding the first event in London in June 1982, Leslie shared the message of 3·6·5 with such prolific hairdressing groups as Headmasters who are still members to this day.

In 1987 after a meeting between Leslie and fledgling business owners Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell® was launched on UK shores.

In 1998, Salon Success outgrew its home, Vine Tree House in Wendover and moved to Millennium Point in Aylesbury.

In the early 2000's, Leslie sold the business to the Beauty Systems Group, further cementing our place within the professional hairdressing industry as part of the wider Sally Europe family alongside our sister companies Salon Services, Sally Express, Pro Duo and Sinelco.

2020, brings more change with an office move (during a global pandemic no less, talk about timing) from Millennium Point to our new home at The Future Centre in Aylesbury.

Giving Back

Salon Success is a business that firmly believes in giving back. Whether that is to our local community, our industry or our planet.