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Change the System, Change the Result

To fully understand how 3∙6∙5 can help you and to start your journey to a stronger business, we invite you to join us at a 3∙6∙5 Salon Management Masterclass.

This is the first step onto the 3∙6∙5 programme, where our 3∙6∙5 business coaches will deliver a day and a half of essential information to challenge your thinking and provide you with practical ideas to take back to your salon and implement immediately.

You will also have the opportunity to spend time with existing members and our expert coaches to share further how 3∙6∙5 can help you and your team to grow.

We guarantee that you will find the investment of just £199 + VAT including overnight accommodation worthwhile, and if not, we will happily refund you the cost excluding hotel accommodation.

Our Salon Management Masterclasses are held monthly excluding August and December.

Get in touch with the 3∙6∙5 team today to begin your journey to a stronger business.

Call: 0845 659 0015


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