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Talk to your guests about hair loss

Talk to your guests about hair loss

May is Hair Loss Awareness Month, making this the perfect time to talk to your guests about what they can do to help slow down the process of hair thinning and improve the condition of their scalp. Did you know that 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss, and male pattern baldness affects around half of all men*? This is a number too big to ignore, so it’s important you cater for these guests in your salon.

Approach the subject sensitively

Building relationships with your guests is what you do best – putting them at ease and encouraging them to open up so you can advise what’s best for their hair. Cut and colour is one thing, but opening up about hair loss can make guests feel nervous and vulnerable. Approach the subject sensitively reassuring your guests that you have their best interests at heart and that they are not alone (if they were, Paul Mitchell® wouldn’t have invested in creating the Scalp Care range!). To help aid the conversation we’ve put together a Scalp Care Dialogue that you can view on the Pro Site.

Stock a product collection in-salon to cater for their needs

Sometimes guests are nervous to talk about issues such as hair loss because they feel there isn’t anything to can do to help. This is where the Scalp Care range comes in, and also acts as an opener to the conversation. May would be the perfect month to put together an In-Salon Display to showcase the collection, and include the new Root Lift Foam to complete the look.

Tea Tree Scalp Care 1200X250


Keep in touch

Be there for your guests throughout their journey. You sometimes know their hair better than them, so if you are working with any guests suffering from hair loss, ensure they rebook with you so you can see how well the product is working. You can complement them on the improvement, or even offer suggestions on different regimens to try. Keep the dialogue open and let them know you’re there if they need further advice.

For more information on Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning products, and to find out how to launch the collection in your salon, visit our Pro Site or call our friendly Club Services team on 0845 659 0011.

*Wimpole Clinic,

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