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Neuro Smart Style How To: Enhance Curls

Neuro Smart Style How To: Enhance Curls

Give curly hair a boost in volume and bounce with a diffuser, Neuro® Liquid styling products and our easy curl-defining techniques.

• Apply Neuro® Prime on damp, clean hair
• Follow with Neuro® Lift volumizing foam
• Comb through with a detangling comb
• To dry hair, choose a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment such as the Neuro® Light
PRO TIP: For extra lift at your base, lift your hair gently at the root with the fingers of the diffuser to create bounce and volume as you dry
• Once dry, apply Neuro® Protect to shield your hair against heat styling
• Use a small curling iron such as the Neuro® Unclipped Styling Cone to define a few curls around your face.

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