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Making the most of your Salon Economies: Part Two

Making the most of your Salon Economies: Part Two

Salon Economies are areas within the salon to maximise focus with the goal of increasing sales and enhancing the guest experience. Each area represents an important guest touch point and by focusing on these economies salons can turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary experience, and build guest loyalty and generate word of mouth recommendations.

The Wash Housesm

The Wash Housesm is the perfect place to pamper your guests and make them feel relaxed as time and again research shows that this is their favourite part of the salon experience. Essential to making the most of your Wash Housesm and helping to increase sales is creating different packages for your guests. A basic package can include a cleanse and condition with everyday products such as Shampoo One® and The Detangler® so build on this and offer the option of completely relaxing package such as the Tea Tree Lemon Sage experience or a truly luxurious hair treatment such as the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® KeraTriplex® 2-Step professional treatment.

Why not try:

  • Clearly communicating your different options with the benefits of each, such as a relaxing Tea Tree experience or a colour boosting Ultimate Colour Repair® package
  • Task your team with a target of upgrades each week, by also encouraging them to talk to customers and find out more about them, providing a more competitive personal service.

The Color Barsm

As your guests like to make a statement with their hair, make a statement with your Color Barsm! Of course a large proportion of your guests will want beautiful brunette and brilliant blondes, but let your Color Barsm stand out and grab guests’ attention by showing your entire colour pallet – everything from a bright and bold red to a deep and gorgeous Teal!

Why not try:

  • For guests that are unsure of using bold colours, introduce them to The Demi range. This also encourages them to return regularly for a new colour every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Share your work on social! Capitalise on trends such as bold colours and unicorn hair by taking pictures of your work and sharing them on social media – people engage with these images so much more than standard colours and help promote your business for you!

Check back next week for part three.

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