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Making the most of your Salon Economies: Part One

Making the most of your Salon Economies: Part One

Salon Economies are areas within the salon to maximise focus with the goal of increasing sales and enhancing the guest experience. Each area represents an important guest touch point and by focusing on these economies salons can turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary experience, and build guest loyalty and generate word of mouth recommendations.

Reservation Desk

The Reservation Desk is so much more than somewhere your guests book an appointment. Your reservationist is a key face of your business and can help create a lasting brand experience and help increase Take Homesm sales. Your guests will start and leave at the Reservation Desk so ensure your team are up to speed on all current promotions, trained in how to help increase Take Homesm sales, and know how to encourage your guests to book their next appointment.

Why not try:

  • Adding travel size products to your Reservation Desk and providing sales targets for your reservationist to meet each week/month
  • Ensure every guest is prompted to book their next appointment before they leave so they can get a time that’s convenient for them.


Stylist Station

The Stylist Station is the perfect place to learn about your guests and any hair challenges they may be facing. We recommend having an informal consultation with your guests before you begin any service, but here you can really delve deeper and find out more about their needs. Chatting about holidays, hobbies and other life events can give you insight into how they treat their hair. Do they go swimming a lot and suffer from chlorine damage, or  are they planning a summer holiday where their colour will be exposed to potential UV damage?

Why not try:

  • Add show cards to your stylist stations to help promote new products or luxury treatments, such as the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® KeraTriplex® 2-step professional treatment or a new Ultimate Color Repair® Mask
  • Include seasonal signage/posters/POP in your salon to encourage conversations such as how to tackle dry hair in winter and protecting against UV exposure in summer.


Check back next week for part two.

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