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Welcome to Salon Source!

Welcome to Salon Source!

Your success is our success

Here at Salon Success, we pride ourselves on having one of the friendliest and most passionate teams in the biz! We believe in building relationships, and that’s why our Salon Success logo icon is a representation of a hug (all together now, ahhh). And in order to build long lasting relationships, we want to help support you every step of the way. We have an amazing team of Salon Business Consultants and a wonderful Club Services team who are always there to help, but we wanted to go one step further!

As we know from our friends at 3.6.5 Salon Business Coaching, hair is only half the job! Running a salon can be tough and keeping on top of promotions and the changing trends (we're already planning for Christmas, eeek!) can be the toughest job of all. The aim of Salon Source is to provide you valuable business information and ideas to help you prepare for seasonal trends, educating your team, getting started on social and everything you need to keep your business on top of its game!

Please get involved in the comments, let us know your experiences and share ideas - we're here for you!

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