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The Importance of Being Educated

The Importance of Being Educated

With your guests seeking hairspiration from Pinterest to Instagram, Snap Chat to Facebook, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your game and not only to stay up to date with what’s current and new, but to go beyond and see what’s coming next!

At Shampoo HQ we know that our industry is truly unique; where else would you find such a bunch of creative, business savvy and ‘crazy on purpose’ group of people? We know that the world of hair is full of exciting developments with plenty of challenges along the way; but wouldn’t life be boring without the odd curve ball (hello home hair colour) to keep us on our toes?!

Our roots started in education, with our wonderful team at 3·6·5, so we are definitely biased when it comes to creating a thirst for knowledge, but it really is so important to keep on top of local, industry and fashion trends in the hairdressing world to thrive in such a competitive environment. We have so much to share with you guys in 2017, more than ever before in fact! From the latest cutting techniques, to Instagram worthy hair colours (who’d have thought we’d all be lusting after grey hair in our 20s!), and using the best products in the biz to create beautiful, expensive looking hair – it’s a lot to take on. Add to this all the Netflix we need to catch up on after work (OA anyone?) and it can all be a bit much.

With over 30,000 hairdressing salons across the UK, how will your business make an impact? Entering into a price war is not the way to go, as Ken West our Director 3·6·5 often shares – discounting can seriously harm your business.

Here at Salon Success and 3·6·5 we believe that you can and should offer so much more to your customers than a cheap haircut. Culture, skill and service all play a massive part in helping your salon stand out and create an environment where your guests want to come back time and time again, as well as shouting about your amazing talents from each and every rooftop! With over 35 years’ experience, we know that the best way to grow your salon and your team is to attend regular training and develop a learning and happy culture within your salon.

This is where Salon Success comes in to ease the pressure. We’ve worked really hard to revamp our Education programme for 2017. Keeping our fingers on the fashion pulse we’ve drawn on industry trends, listened to what you, our customers want to know and worked with our amazing portfolio of brands to put together a programme that will help you expand your skillset and knowledge to deliver great hair, great service, great beauty packages and most importantly create a great business! Combines with our Salon Business Consultants who are always on hand to offer advice (and some of our complimentary programmes), you’ll have everything you need to be bigger and better in 2017.

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