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Utilising Social Media

Utilising Social Media

Social media has changed the game when it comes to how companies reach their audience. We now live in a world of two way conversations and your guests now have access to more knowledge about products and techniques than ever before.

Utilising social media can sometimes be the difference between success and failure, as it can open a door to your guests to encourage Take Homesm sales, upgrade their current service, motivate spontaneous purchases and remind them they need to book their next appointment!

At Salon Success we try and support our salons as much as possible by providing you with the tools you need to push your products and promotions. From imagery to pre-written posts, we have everything you need to get started, taking the pressure off you and your team. We’ve broken down the key social media channels to give you the lowdown on what they do and how to use them to take your business forward.



Facebook is the one social media channel you can guarantee most of your guests are on; if you only have the time to invest in one channel this is the one for you. Facebook is a fantastic visual and descriptive tool – with no character limit like Twitter and with an audience that are more prepared to read than Instagram – it can be a valuable tool for getting the word out to your current and future guests.

Encourage your stylists to take pictures of hair transformations to share via social channels as guests typically engage very well with this type of media. Make sure it’s authentic – it doesn’t have to look like a professional shoot, you will add more credibility if the person viewing your post believes it could be them!

If you’re worried about asking guests, offer them incentives such as a free Take Homesm size product to try such as Ultimate Color Repair® Mask 75ml or Awapuhi Wild Ginger® HydroMist Blow-Out Spray™ 25ml. However, remember most of the time your guests will be proud of their hair and probably more than happy to have you show it off.


  • Make sure you’re set up as a business page so your guests can ‘check in’ and help spread the word 
  • Set up albums of before and afters, hairstyles, current promotions and gift sets so guests can easily browse and find what they need (think of your albums like a websites’ menu options).

Be aware of:

  • As Facebook becomes a more commercial tool, you may struggle to reach your audience without monetary investment 
  • Whilst harnessing the power of social media and word of mouth is a valuable business tool, with the good comes the bad so be prepared for any negative reviews and have an action plan in place with how to deal with any that arise.



Twitter is a great tool for capitalising on current topics and trends using hashtags to reach your audience. You can use imagery to stand out and short and to the point messages have more chance of being read than longer pieces. Twitter can be great for reaching an audience as it is most people’s go to when they want to ask a brand questions – however remember you need to be reactive especially when they may also be contacting your competition!


  • Make the most of trending events such as Black Friday and National Holidays to piggy back on popular posts and gain coverage. Examples are pushing Tea Tree on National Relaxation Day or MITCH® for Father’s Day 
  • Make sure you check your followers and ReTweet and Like what they post. Unlike Facebook, you can view their activity and make them feel you’ve noticed them which will help create greater guest loyalty.

Be aware of:

  • Twitter moves fast – posting once a week won’t cut it. If you want to stay in people’s news feeds you have to pay your account proper attention to ensure you aren’t forgotten or lost in amongst the noise 
  • Character limits of 140 can be tricky to work around, so keep things simple and use imagery to do some of the talking!



Instagram is a fantastic visual channel which lends itself perfectly the hair world. We are all visual beings and no more so than when it comes to beauty and hair! By utilising the imagery we provide on our Pro Site combined with your own images from inside the salon, you can easily create an inspiring and engaging channel to help build a bond with your guests.


  • Make the most of hashtags! Have a look at what your suppliers and other salons are using and create a list that you add to the end of every post 
  • Share transformations, your customers will love you for it! If there’s a channel that is great for sharing customer images its Instagram. They’ll love they’ve appeared on a company’s channel and all the likes they get from your followers.

Be aware of:

  • Being too promotionally focussed – Instagram can be a fun channel too! Share inspirational quotes and cute pictures of dogs and cats, just remember to stay on message and keep a good mix 
  • Tagging your work – images can easily be taken and used elsewhere so make sure you include your company logo and/or Instagram handle on your images so you receive the credit you deserve!

Find out more by reading our Social Media Guide, put together especially for salons.

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