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PAUL MITCHELL® EDUCATION: Discover all that Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color has to offer with a three hour theory session enabling you and your team to Colour with Confidence. From the fundamentals of colouring and colour changes to recommending the correct Take Homesm products and tools; join our team of technical specialists for this masterclass and go away with all the tools you need to help make you a successful colourist.

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The power of video

Working in a visual industry in the digital age, we are inundated with images every moment of the day. From our Facebook feeds, to publications, to customers putting together Pinterest boards of inspiration – it’s everywhere we turn.

Introducing Neon®

We believe that every girl is unique and style should be fun! Our colour-safe, sugar-infused hair care products make it easy to create any look you can dream up.

Bonus: When you use Neon®, you're helping to support anti-bullying organisations, such as The Diana Award and Stand Up To Bullying. Kindness is our mission. Together let's create a world where everyone can be themselves and shine.